Build advanced animations in React Native

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can create complex custom animations in React Native, with ease. This is because React Native gives you an easy way to abstract away the complex bits of creating animations, while leaving you with the light framework and language that developers are familiar with, on mobile devices, without the many hurdles and pitfalls of C++, Java, or Objective-C.

With many of the more popular platforms, there is a lot of boilerplate code required to simply define the shape of an animation. Animations in React Native can be defined in a way that requires very little boilerplate code to be defined, and much less when you scale the number of transitions you need to create.

Where Can You Use React Native Animation

React Native animations can be used in Android or iOS apps, but not in web apps. React Native animations can only be used on the Native Android and iOS platforms, and any UI interactions, such as swiping, tapping, and pinching are not possible.

How to Use React Native Animation

To use React Native animations, you need to create a component that will perform animations. There are a lot of reasons why you’d want to use React Native animation.

  • It’s simple to use
  • Support of iOS and Android is baked in
  • Easy to add animation to your UI
  • Support of common animation libraries, such as Directive, Native Simulator, Hybris, NSMutableDictionary and many more

How to Create React Native Animations

There are multiple ways to create React Native animations, with the default one being using the animate component. The most popular way to create animations with React Native is through the react-native-animation-generation library. The animation is built into the react-native-animation-generator library. You don’t have to make any additional calls to animate if you use the animator that comes with it. There is also a powerful animation system available to you within the animate component that will make your animation life a whole lot easier.

The benefit of using a library to create React Native animations is that it eliminates the need to duplicate code, instead it allows you to focus on the animation itself, while leaving the React Native interface, and React Native features, intact.

You can also use a no-code tool like SVGator to create React Native Animations in no time, and this will help you create complex animations visually, without the need to code.

Final Words

React Native animations are a great tool for developers who want to focus on making their UI, and animations, a better experience. You can take advantage of React Native animations to create simple yet powerful animations that are rich in animation possibilities.

Your customers will love the animations you make, and React Native animations are going to help you make great products.

There are plenty of reasons why React Native animations are awesome, and we hope you try them out and give them a try. Happy creating!

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