Budget-Friendly Ways to Deliver High-Quality Poster Printing Services for Ad Industries

Printing digital designs isn’t a piece of cake, especially when we’re so caught up with technology and a hectic lifestyle. Still, the poster printing business is performing at its optimum as almost every business and even individuals planning an event can spread awareness and draw an audience using creative posters. However, quality and professionalism in designing a poster must be maintained at all costs. Here’s all you need to know about getting high quality poster prints without breaking your bank.

Getting Started with Poster Design

The first step to an amazing poster is to set up the artwork file. Those new to the poster design industry can begin with simple programmes like Microsoft Word and//or PowerPoint whereas experienced professionals can opt for advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and many others that are used by professional printing agencies.

It’s quite obvious that poster designing isn’t always black and white, especially when you need to make a lasting impression. A highly creative and appealing poster design should include:

  • Crisp, bright and vivid colours
  • Clear and readable typography
  • Amazing use of fonts

Selecting the Paper Stock

Posters have its unique purpose and each requires a specific type of paper for a perfect display of artwork and advertisement. Some of the best poster printing companies in Dubai prefer the following:

  • 170gsm Silk: Best for temporary or discardable posters; inexpensive and thin paper.
  • 250gsm Silk: For high-quality aesthetic and long-lasting, sturdy poster.
  • Water-resistant PVC: Best for outdoor/exterior A-frames, thin weather-proof coat at 220mic
  • Durable Water & Weatherproof PVC: With 400mic PVC, this is the best option for long-lasting, outdoor/exterior posters.
  • Matte: Non-glistening or non-glossy smooth finish for softer shades.
  • Gloss/Lustrous: High-gloss and/or shiny finish best to make the colours more vibrant.

Ideal Poster Sizes

  • A3: These are larger size posters preferred for indoor advertising mostly to promote sales either as a cover menu or window display.

Dimensions: 29.7×42 cm / 297×420 mm / 11.7×16.5 inches

  • A2: Whether you need to make a big statement at an indoor event or draw everyone’s gaze with a water-resistant stock, A2 posters are the first pick.

Dimensions: 59.4×42 cm / 594×420 mm / 23.4×16.5 inches

  • A1: Known for its huge size, A1 posters are amazing for public events such as to display performance time at a concert, throw up vibrant colours at a window display and so on.

Dimensions: 84.1×59.4 cm / 841×594 mm / 33.2×23.4 inches.

  • A0: Whether hosting an event indoor or outdoor, this is a large format option that comes in a budget and guarantees to stand out at an exhibition. The ideal place to have the A0 poster is on the display’s rear wall.

Dimensions: 118.9×84.1 cm / 1180×841 mm / 46.9×33.2 inches.

  • 40×30: This particular size is that of a classic movie poster, bit smaller than A0. If you’re printing custom posters for a family event or even to tell the world about your business in a big event, 40×30 posters are ideal.

Dimensions: 101.6×76.2 cm / 1016×762 mm / 40×30 inches.

  • 60×40: Commonly seen at the bus stops, metro stations and travel stands, the 60×40 posters can be personalised and perfect to fit at a bus stop display frame.

Dimensions: 152.4×101.6 cm / 1524×1016 mm / 60×40 inches.

Uses of Posters

When going for poster print designing, it’s important to know the purpose and where you’ll have it placed. Whatever the goals of your poster, here’re a few most common uses:

  • Product, Service Advertisement & Marketing: Posters are generally used to advertise and/or market certain products, services and businesses that can be anything from in-store offers to premium buys. Common places where you’ll find these posters are at bus stops and many other exterior/outdoor large format promotional campaigns such as billboards.
  • Event Promotion: For big-time events and shows, a great way to advertise is via posters and all you need is a single sheet to communicate essential date, time and location. The only thing you need to ensure is the installation area or place which should be clearly visible and convenient for customers to see.
  • Information Sharing: It’s quite obvious that posters are used to communicate information in a short, precise and catchy manner through visuals, text and a combination of both; but visuals mostly. When information is important and long-term, the best poster option is PVC materials that are sturdy, can be easily wiped and replaced with fresh info whenever needed.

Design Essentials

CMYK: Whether having the poster print design from a professional agency or DIY with designing to print later, be sure to work with CMYK colour space instead of the RGB. If you’re using professional software like Illustrator, Photoshop, InVision or any other, you can easily switch to the CMYK colour option for more accuracy and clarity on the colours even when printed.

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300DPI: It’s obvious that print files are big and the primary reason that delays the final design to be printed is a low-resolution file which on print would pixelate, break into micro image boxes that are blurry. This is the reason files that need to be printed later must be set to 300DPI (Dots Per Inch). The greater the number of dots, higher would be the resolution for print perfection. These settings can be managed easily in design software like Photoshop, Illustrator and others. 

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Key Benefits of Poster Printing for Ad Industries

  • Affordability: A cost-effective way to reach out to a wider audience than any other media.
  • Visibility: The size and visual impact can make a simplest poster way too compelling.
  • Credibility: Posters appear in public places which makes them more visible and trustworthy than other advertising mediums.
  • Recall: Print advertising is more comfortable for the human eye and a research concluded that people are more likely to recall an advert in print.
  • Flexibility: The creative possibilities are endless. From fonts to graphic design and well-written content, the flexibility of an effective marketing message via poster printing is vast.
  • Emotional Response: A well thought out advertising poster has the ability to trigger an emotional response by tapping your product or brand directly with the hearts and soul of your target customers.
  • Local Impact: Place the right campaign message in front of the target audience and reach large audiences in high traffic areas.
  • Call to Action: Poster campaigns use the space to create a rapid, direct call to action for your customers, telling them exactly what they should do.
  • Drive Online Sales: Use classic poster advertising to raise the profile of social media handles or campaign hashtags, promote QR codes, inspire followers or even let your poster go viral.

Poster printing just got easier with all the details and techniques shared above.

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