Boost Your Immunity to Fight COVID-19 – 8 Proven Tips!

To fight COVID-19, CDC, SHA wellness clinic, and doctors have recommended proven tips to boost your immunity.

As coronavirus is still wandering around, it’s time for everyone to pay extra attention to health. 

Turmeric milk, hot ginger water, and Chyavanprash are some of the simplest remedies to encourage a healthy diet. However, it’s not enough to have a robust immunity. 

It would help if you had a balance of three things:

  • Daily routine and Lifestyle
  • A proper diet
  • Additional Health supplements

The first two are in your hand. And as far as health supplements are concerned, Healthkart has a versatile range of vitamins and supplements, healthy beverages, and more. 

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Now let’s talk about 8 remedies to boost your immunity system –

  • Get a Good Sleep

Your sleep quality and time can affect your immunity system. Getting adequate sleep can strengthen your overall health.

Studies have shown that people who sleep for at least 8 hours tend to have a healthier lifestyle. 

Children are supposed to get up to 14 hours of sleep, teens for 8-10 hours, and adults should get 8 hours of sleep. 

1. Regular Exercise

Having trouble sleeping can be cured by exercising. If your body is not tired enough, it will stay awake for a longer time.

Hence, exercise every day. Even if you are busy, take 30 minutes in the morning to refresh your body. Then, cycling, running, walking, even climbing stairs would be enough. 

Make a routine for your daily exercise session. And to strengthen your bones, take calcium and zinc supplements from healthkart. You can bag them at a discounted price using the Healthkart coupon. 

2. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Human immunity changes with seasons. Hence, doctors at SHA wellness clinic suggest always prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

A proper diet with vitamin and antioxidant-enriched food encourages the immunity system to prevent diseases and viral infections.

3. Have a Healthy Breakfast

The first meal of the day should be full of nutrients to keep you energized. Something like eggs and some fruit juice.

If you don’t eat eggs, there are always oats recipes to try. Or, if you are someone who enjoys tea with bread or biscuit, replace it with protein cookies. Protein cookies are suitable for all age groups.

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4. Healthy Lunch and Dinner

Your daily meal should contain vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and low-fat. 

Eat more plant-based food such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, plant-based milk, and whole-grain bread.

Add some healthy fat from olive oil, omega-3 fatty acid to your diet. 

5. Daily Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing exercises are responsible for reinforcing your immunity. The diaphragm muscle between your lungs and abdomen moves up and down with deep breathing.

That movement creates accurate pressure throughout the body, improves blood circulation, and strengthens internal organs.

Take out 15 minutes for your day to practice breathing exercises. 

6. Focus on your mental health

If you are doing everything right but not feeling happy, then it can affect your metabolism. So your mental health is as important as physical health, rather more.

Take some time off to play games with your children and family. Read books, watch TV-Shows, listen to songs. Do something that can make you happy.

Drawing doodles is also a good activity to take your mind away from stress. Meet your family on Skype calls and talk to them daily. See if your loved ones are doing okay. 

If you are feeling fresh and happy every day, your immunity would naturally enhance. 

7. Additional Tips on which health supplements to choose

There is no direct connection between dietary supplements and COVID-19 prevention. However, some supplements and health products can certainly build up your immunity. 

Here are some dietary essentials:

  • Vitamin D can lower your chances of falling sick or catching a cold. 
  • Vitamin C and Zinc can cure your existing cold in less time.
  • Green tea and Ginger can reinforce health in adults. 
  • Herbal drinks maintain your energy level for a longer time. 

So talk to your family doctor today and find the right supplements for your family.

Final Words

Don’t let coronavirus threaten your health. Instead, eat healthily, think healthy, and talk healthy amid this tough time. 

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