Best Rainbow Riches Slots Games to Play

If you are a regular gambler then rainbow riches require no introduction. The popularity of this slot is undeniable. Try going to your local pub, betting shop, grocery store, casino without finding this slot. Go on, give it a try. If you are not familiar with Rainbow Riches slots, then I am guessing you haven’t played slots before.

Rainbow Riches is the perfect slot to start with. Society today loves the mythical and eccentric side of live. Rainbow Riches offers them just that, with leprechauns. The rise in online casinos has also meant that this popular slot is now available on mobile phones, making it accessible to everyone.

Brief history

Rainbow Riches has been deemed as a legendary and classic slot game, so it is worth knowing about its history and how it claimed this pedestal. It was originally released in 2006 but it took three years before it reached the United Kingdom. After that, the love for the dancing leprechauns knew no bounds. From online casinos to mobile phones, the slot continues to go from strength to strength.

Best Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is not just one slot. There are countless variations and it can be challenging to decide what one is the best.

Rainbow Riches Mega ways

You cannot have a game about leprechauns without having an Irish setting. This slot links perfectly with mega slots. The popularity of this slot is due to the vibrant and interactive graphics. Gamers are fully immersed in a fun and colourful game. With the option to add another horizontal win you can be looking at the possibility of 117,649 ways to win. Another added feature is that you can cash your wins meaning you can reach the bonus features at an even faster rate.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

The aspect that shocked casinos about Rainbow riches was how it became so popular. Usually, casinos need incentives and bonuses to engage with customers. Rainbow Riches did not offer any free spins yet still became one of the most popular games in casino history. As you can imagine, the introduction of free spins only increased its popularity. This version is probably the most minimalistic version of Rainbow Riches. They have minimised it to 10 pay lines, while still retaining the basic sounds and designs that gamers fell in love with. Turning this into the most affordable of the slots with Rainbow Riches themes.

Rainbow Riches

We cannot create a list of the best Rainbow Riches games without mentioning the original version. This twenty-line slot game is what made Rainbow Riches the game it is today. The other versions would cease to exist without the original. The original was a mobile game. This was likely due to the popularity of online and mobile casinos.

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