Best Online Slots for this Month 

Many online slots are released with each passing month, a range of slots developers power have to make sure that these new releases match the high standards of other slots currently on the market. 

New online slots 

New online slot releases are perhaps some of the most exciting titles. There is an element of the unknown surrounding them, they could be a brand new mega hit or simply just ok. Many new releases come with a certain degree of fanfare from developers and those who have been lucky enough to sample them. New online slots tend to push the limit in terms of innovation and creativity, as there have been many game art slots released over the years developers need to create something new and different in order to stand out.. It doesn’t matter whether it is a slot that you have been looking forward to for months or simply a new release which has caught your eye, new online slot releases are exciting to play. 

Best New Online Slots this Month 

There are a slew of exciting releases with each month that passes, this month is no different. 

  •     Agent Royale was developed by Red Tiger and it features a fun and light hearted spy theme which will remind players of classic James Bond films. There are bonus features such as free spins as well as wilds and scatters, all of which bring the promise of big wins for the player!
  •     War of Gods was also developed by Red Tiger, it has an engaging Ancient Greek God theme and it features classic characters such as Zeus and Hades. Players will particularly enjoy the wonderful graphics and design of the game, which manages to bring these characters to life.

Things to Avoid 

When playing online slots, there are several mistakes which players should avoid making. Sometimes, making these mistakes repeatedly can lead to nightmare scenarios for a players finances. 

  1. Forgetting to set a budget is a careless and irresponsible way to play online slot games. Due to the fast paced nature of today’s online slots, it can be incredibly easy to go over budget by accident. By forgetting to budget, you are putting your finances in peril for no reason.
  2. Neglecting to use free to play slots. Always use a free to play version of a slot which boasts of having new gameplay features first. This is because they provide players with a great opportunity to get used to new features without having to worry about losing any money whilst doing it.
  3. Casinos which do not display the official gambling commission logo should be avoided at all costs, if you cannot find this anywhere on the casinos site this means that they are not legitimate and you are in danger of having your personal details stolen. 


Although not every brand new slot released will be a classic, there are plenty of new slots which are great but go unnoticed by players due to being untested. Trying out brand new slot releases is something that every player should do, you never know you might find yourself being one of the first to play a future classic!

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