Best Breitling Watches To Invest In

The majority of people purchase luxury watches because they expect that these accessories will increase in value. Although Rolex and Omega are highly desirable globally, some of their models can’t serve as investment watches. If you are looking for a timekeeping tool that you can sell at a higher price in the long run, then purchase from Breitling. It is a popular brand in the Aviation industry as it manufactured most of the iconic pilot watches that you can find in the market today.

A lot of watch collectors and enthusiasts can recognize Breitling and are aware of its great status in the watch industry. Even if it produces timepieces for many decades already, each of its models is very rare. Below are the top 5 watches offered by the brand that you might want to purchase.

1. Breitling Transocean UB0510U4/BC26

An investment watch does not have to be boring and unappealing. If you want an exceptionally stylish watch, then this Breitling Transocean UB0510U4/BC26 is for you. It has very intricate details that can attract anyone’s attention. Its black dial and rose-gold tone and indexes are some of the reasons why it can easily stand out in a crowd.

For the case, the manufacturer used stainless steel material and sapphire crystal so that it can withstand unfavorable conditions. It has a diameter of 46 mm making it a perfect accessory for men. The automatic movement is extremely impressive as it allows the watch to operate for 70 hours once fully wound. As an added feature, it comes with a 100 m water resistance. It retails at $12 640 but can be as low as $8 799 if you order from Watch Shopping.

2. Breitling Chronomat AB042011/Q589

This particular Breitling watch has a robust and sophisticated design due to the brown analog dial featuring silver-tone hands and indexes. The brand manufactured it in 2012 for men that is why it has a large case diameter measuring 44 mm with a height of 16.90 mm. The round case contains sapphire crystal saving it from any scratches that may be brought by accidental drops.

The automatic movement has the caliber B04 which is one of the high-performing calibers that the brand manufactured. It is also a classic component composed of 47 jewels. The 70-hour power reserve is a great feature since you only have to wind it every five days. It retails at $9 110 but Watch Shopping offers it for $5 339 only.

3. Breitling Transocean U4131053/Q600

What better watch to buy other than the Navitimer AB0311211GP1P1 if you want a watch with impeccable beauty, precision, and reliability. Designed using a brown dial with rose-gold tone and indexes all coated in luminescence, this timepiece can instantly and easily tell you the time of the day regardless of where you are. It is a perfect watch as it provides both strength and durability that every buyer is looking for.

With a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, you don’t have to worry about possible scratches and damages whenever you accidentally drop it or subject it to unfavorable conditions. The case diameter is 38 millimeters which is the right size for the majority of men and women. Equipped with an automatic movement and caliber 41, the watch guarantees that it can accurately and precisely tell the time for 42 hours once fully wound. Secure yourself with $7 349 to enjoy all of its perks.

4.  Breitling Navitimer A17325241B1P1

The Navitimer A17325241B1P1 is one of the cheapest Breitling watches which is a perfect option if you don’t want to splurge a huge sum of money for timepieces. On top of the black dial are the luminous silver-tone hands and indexes which allow utmost time visibility. You can wear it on all occasions from formal to casual since it has a simple design.

The 38 mm stainless steel case features a solid back and a sapphire crystal. This watch comes with black alligator leather making it compatible with the color and design of the dial. One of the reasons why people purchase it is due to its intricate and accurate automatic movement. It contains 25 jewels arranged beautifully and the impressive Breitling Caliber 17. This caliber lets the watch function up to 38 hours at a frequency of 28 800 VPH once you wind it. You might not believe it but you can have it for as low as $2 899.

In Conclusion

The great features and rarity of Breitling watches are enough reasons to invest in one. They can hold their value on the resale market in the long run which means that you can earn money from selling them. The company’s team of experts made sure that they have high-quality and incredible materials to let the owner demand a higher price when sold in the secondary market. All of the watches mentioned earlier are available on so order now before stocks run out!

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