AWS Services to Build and Upscale an IoT Architecture

Amazon Web Services or AWS have become a prominent fixture in the world of software development. At present you can’t do much on the internet without somehow interacting with AWS in execution. AWS certification validates cloud expertise to help professionals to build organizations effective and productive using AWS.

IoT is another hot topic in the world of technology, and development companies are scrambling to make sure they can leverage its potential as much as possible.

Amazon is of course eager to dip it’s toes in the world of IoT and currently offers a whole host of features and services with the purpose of combining it’s utility with AWS.

Designed for Scalability

One of the biggest reasons for AWS’ popularity is how easy it is to scale everything. In fact, it offers an auto-scale feature that simplifies the work exponentially, and saves you a lot of time. 

Designed as a SaaS product, it fully capitalizes on the benefits of cloud computing software in order to make sure it can keep up with requests and messages that number in the billions.

It’s also well integrated with various other AWS Solution Architect Certification in New York services that aren’t under the IoT umbrella.

Easy Integrations

With AWS IoT further backed up by other services, it can double down on its efficiency. These seamless integrations make it possible to cater to needs of all kinds with auto-scaling making it easy to grow.

  • Industrial applications
    • Machine learning
    • Quality control
    • Scheduled maintenance 
  • Home-related functionality
    • Household security
    • Remote monitoring
  • Commercial uses
    • Traffic control
    • Accident response management

IoT Services 

Under the AWS banner, you can receive the benefits of a variety of IoT services. These are divided into three categories which encourage a custom approach to development.

Connectivity and Management

These services allow you to manage your devices from the cloud in a secure environment. These are largely based on creating the most efficient and productive performance.

  • AWS IoT Device Defender – Closely monitors your security protocols to ensure they don’t deviate from the standard procedures
  • AWS IoT Device Management – A solution for monitoring and organizing your IoT devices remotely, with a strong emphasis on their scalability.
  • AWS IoT Core – Enables seamless communication between various devices and applications within the cloud

Operational Software

These applications can be installed onto your devices giving you all the control you need for your goals. Comfortably operate them at the edge.

  • FreeRTOS – Is designed to accommodate lighter edge devices for safe and efficient management followed by deployment
  • AWS IoT Greengrass – Has more range and allows for machine learning, data caching, messaging and much more

Insight and Analytics

These services record your IoT data and give you the information you need to turn that raw data into actionable plans and strategies.

  • AWS IoT Events – Streamline the detection and response time of recorded events
  • AWS IoT Things Graph – Connect your devices to aid in the development of IoT software
  • AWS IoT Analytics – Provides detailed insights on large amount of raw data
  • AWS IoT SiteWise – Detailed analytics tool for industrial data


When you work with AWS, it doesn’t take much effort to keep things scalable. Since Amazon itself is accustomed to managing massive volumes of data, it doesn’t need to develop a separate tool. It can simply tweak and adjust its existing framework.

As a result, the onus is on Amazon itself to keep things running smoothly. With dedicated resources and support on their website, they provide all the convenience you need for working with IoT.

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