Authenticity Check: How to Spot a Fake Breitling Watch

Breitling produces some of the finest watches in the world, making it a leader in the aviation watch industry. The impeccable craftsmanship, sturdy construction, elegant designs, and superb details are the factors that make Breitling a renowned brand. Due to its reputation, it catches the attention of many watch enthusiasts. As a result, the brand becomes one of the most sought-after timepieces. Nonetheless, when something becomes popular and in demand in the market, it becomes prone to counterfeiting. Breitling is not an exemption.

Though it has mastered the art and means of producing excellent watches, it is not safe from counterfeiting. Please take note of these distinct features when purchasing some of its watches. Remember these and save yourself from getting a replicate or fake one.

When shopping for a Breitling watch, pay attention to these:

1.The weight – Is the watch heavy enough?

This timepiece does not come in light packages. Breitling watches are heavy. This one is the easiest way to check for the authenticity of your Breitling. Generally, it is heavier compared to its luxury counterparts – Rolex and Omega.

Try it on, and you should immediately feel its weight on your wrist. Once it feels light, then it’s one thing you should be concerned about. You have a red flag.

2. The Distinct Logos

Breitling has two distinct logos for its production. These logos are another essential feature that can help you identify the authentic piece from the fake ones. These logos are another essential feature that can help you identify the original piece from the fake ones.

●  Winged Anchor

The first logo and easily identified is the winged anchor that has the Breitling name underneath.

These two crucial points in the authentic Breitling logo are difficult for counterfeiters to copy; the first is the slight gap between the anchor’s tip and the wings. Second, the inner lines make the wings distinct – the lines do not reach the end of the full wingspan.

Fake Breitling watches usually miss such details. Consequently, the anchor and wing touch and lines reach the wing end. When you spot such, then you have another red flag.

● The Cursive “B” Logo

Breitling uses another logo- the Cursive “B.” Written directly beneath is the name Breitling. You can find such logos in Heritage collection timepieces. It would help if you noted that this letter B logo is a metal applied to the dial.

This means that the Cursive “B” is raised and not flat or painted on the dial. Meanwhile, the Breitling logo is etched into the dial. Pay close attention to these details, and you can quickly determine the authenticity of your watch.

3. The Calendar Display

Another to check is the calendar window or display. The letters and numbers in the day and date windows fully occupy the space. At the same time, characters are written and drawn in large and black font.

Moreover, with annual and perpetual calendar models as exemptions, Breitling timepieces only have the chronograph subdials – 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 12-hour counters on the smaller dials. Fake ones may have the day of the week or month on these circles.

4. The Signature Seconds Hand

Not all genuine Breitling watches have this. But for specific models, the seconds hand of an authentic piece ends with the iconic “B” and drops into an anchor shape. Look closely at the anchor; its pointed ends should be sharp and clean. The anchor should not look around at the ends; if so, you are holding a fake Breitling.

5.The Buckle

Check the buckle and discover if the Breitling watch is authentic or not. Run and feel your fingers across the Breitling engraved on the buckle. One should feel the grooves of each letter. In contrast, the backside should be flawlessly smooth.

Commonly Asked Questions about Breitling

Do Breitling serial numbers guarantee authenticity?

No. The truth is serial numbers cannot guarantee a watch’s authenticity. Counterfeiters can easily copy serial numbers and engrave them on the watch. Some fake Breitling does not have serial numbers.

Where is the Breitling watch company located?

Breitling factory is located in Grenchen, Switzerland.

Why are Breitling watches so expensive?

The company produces watches through the incorporation of premium–grade materials and fine craftsmanship. Moreover, it offers top-notch chronograph watches.

Final Thoughts

A brand, no matter how exclusive and unique it is, can be prone to counterfeiting. Nonetheless, there are simple ways to identify a fake item from an original one. Such as the case of Breitling watches. Always check for these five things: weight, logo, calendar window, seconds, hands, and the buckle.

However, the best solution or preventive action is to buy from a reputable dealer. Ease your concern by looking for this reputable dealer and save yourself from another disappointment

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