Are Wotlk Private Servers still the most prefered expansion?

Over the years, 3.3.5 WoW servers are known to be the most liked expansions, across all game versions that Blizzard has made. Wrath of the Lich King was also one of Blizzard’s most active expansions, where they had most subscriptions playing. Having that in mind, it kind of makes sense. But after so many years, the question is whether Wotlk servers are still the most liked ones?
During this article, we’ll look into exactly that.

Wotlk Private Servers in 2021

We have been going through, and comparing all the servers that are available to play right now. Upon doing so, we have concluded that there’s a huge majority playing Wotlk Private Servers, versus other expansions. This is still relevant in 2021. This means that Wrath of the Lich King is by far, still the expansion that has the highest trend.

If we take a look at the private server community, through /r/wowservers from Reddit, it also gave us several insights.
The majority of the questions involves Wotlk, in one way or another. This could be questions such as the best server there, or how to set up the game, which are seen on a daily basis there.
Because of that, it’s not suprising that servers like Warmane, has around 50.000 players online. They mainly provide Wotlk realms.

What is the best Wotlk Private Server?

It’s a really subjective and hard question, but there are still some clear indications as to what server that can claim the title.
The most obvious choice is Warmane’s realm called Icecrown. It’s a Wotlk Private Server and reaches 10.000 players during peak time, and is an international community.
It’s the realm with the highest population in the whole fanserver scene. Therefore, they certainly deserve the title.

As Icecrown is one of the biggest servers, it’s natural that it also receives regular negative feedback. That’s very normal, for a big server. Because of that, some people may disagree that it’s the best. Perhaps, other servers like Dalaran-WoW, could have the title as well. Again, it’s very subjective. But hopefully you know what server to try out already, by now.

How to play on a Wotlk Private Server?

Connecting and getting started is actually very easy! The first thing you want to do, is getting a Wotlk 3.3.5 client. After doing so, you need to sign up for the Wotlk server that you decided to play on. Registering is straight forward, and can get done on their website.
When you have signed up, you need to note down their realmlist, which is often seen at their connection page. Now it’s time to head into the game that you downloaded for wotlk, and open the data directory, and open enGB/enUS. In here, you will see a file called, which you should modify and paste the realmlist at.

You’re now all set to play, so what you need to do is open the WoW.exe client, and log in with your created account.
Now you can play and experience all the best from Wrath of the Lich King, such as Icecrown Citadel, and reach level 80!


Wrath of the Lich King is definitely still the most trending expansion, and the private server scene shows that too. The servers with highest population are Wotlk based. On reddit (r/wowservers), we also see a majority of talk about 3.3.5 servers. You have also learned how to actually play on a wotlk server, giving you good tricks and guidance on what you need to know.

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