Appleton divorce: Follow these dos and don’ts

Getting divorced in Wisconsin doesn’t have to be a long time. If you and your spouse agree on key issues like distribution of assets, child custody, and child support, you can get divorced soon. There is a mandatory waiting period of 120 days, although most divorces in Appleton and the rest of Wisconsin take six months or longer. The fault is not important in Wisconsin, and either spouse can ask for a divorce. You may want to consult Appleton divorce attorneys to know more about the process. Here are the basic dos and don’ts you need to follow.

The dos

  • If you have a temporary court order, make sure that you follow it. You may not agree with everything in the court order, but it’s important to adhere to it. 
  • Find a good lawyer. Divorce can be stressful, and if you are unsure how legal things work, hiring a lawyer is always a wise step. 
  • Take notes. With time, you may forget aspects and details that may benefit your case. It’s best to note down all you can remember. 
  • Be honest with your attorney. You may believe that you can protect a few assets from divorce proceedings, but this can go against you. Whatever your lawyer needs to know, be honest with them. 
  • Be open to communication. Even if you and your spouse are in disagreement on key issues, you should keep the scope for communication. Your lawyer can always talk to your spouse and their lawyer. 
  • Ask the lawyer before you sign anything. No matter whether you trust your spouse, it is important that you speak with your lawyer before you sign a paper, especially if divorce proceedings have been initiated. 

The don’ts

  • Don’t make unilateral decisions related to your children without talking to your attorney. 
  • Don’t alienate the children from your spouse. Think of their best interests and wellbeing. 
  • Don’t share marital problems with others. Only your lawyer should be your resource for legal advice. 
  • Don’t post anything on social media. Your Instagram is not the place to discuss or share details related to your divorce. 
  • Don’t date right away. Unless you are legally divorced, you shouldn’t be dating anyone else. Keep your personal life private, and more importantly, avoid sharing such details with others. 

In Wisconsin, you must wait for six months after getting divorced to remarry again. Talk to your lawyer in-depth if you have any questions.

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