An Ultimate Guide For Buying A Shower Filter

The trend of shower filters has been around for quite some time. Shower filters are a solution to an issue that needs our attention. All around the world, individuals have problems showering because of harmful, contaminated and unfiltered water.

Why is unfiltered water harmful?

Our water supply is filled with chlorinated water, which causes harm to our skin and eyes. The chlorine present in the water causes rashes and irritation on our skin and also damages our hair. We are not aware but taking a shower with chlorinated water does more harm than good to our bodies. Tap water doesn’t only contain chlorine but also other microbes which are harmful to the human body.

So, what’s the solution? Two words; shower filters. Shower Filters filter out the harmful chemicals and make the water clean for use.

What is a shower filter?

A shower filter is a filter that is attached to the showerhead and filters the water flowing through it. Showerheads use different types of filters to achieve this. Popular filters are KDF, GAC, and vitamin C filters.

Showering with unfiltered water can lead you to feel even more irritated and dull while you were hoping to feel the opposite. It is so because when the chemicals and other substances present in tap water touch your skin, they damage the cells and hair follicles.   

Types of shower filters

There are three different types of filters that many people popularly use. These three are categorized according to what they filter.

Chlorine filters

Since chlorine is the primary substance that needs to be filtered, every shower filter filters chlorine. Filters such as KDF, GAC, or Calcium Sulfite filter the chlorine from the water. 

Chloramine filters

This substance is less harmful than chlorine but can cause serious health risks such as skin rashes and irritation. With hot water, this substance becomes more active and causes more damage. Unfortunately, many shower filters don’t filter chloramines except a few.

KDF filter

KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) is an excellent medium to filter water. The KDF filter is cost-effective and comes in different versions as well. For example, the KDF 55 is guaranteed to remove chlorine’s taste and even odor from water. This feature is desirable since the smell and taste of chlorine irritates many people. The KDF 85 is used to deal with chlorine and other substances such as hydrogen sulfide and iron. The KDF 85 is very cost-effective and efficient with a good life span as well.

Why is there a need to get filters?

Shower filters can effectively remove chlorine from the water hence providing you with clean filtered water. However, the unfiltered water contaminated with chlorine can cause many diseases, such as many types of cancer. Having a healthy shower can also have many mental health benefits. Taking a shower can de-stress you and also help you deal with anxiety and other stress-related issues. During covid, mental health issues have grown to an alarming high. Even though clean showers are not the ultimate solution, they still offer some remedies for that.


Shower filters are essential, especially once you learn how contaminated tap water is. It is a basic necessity and is definitely worth the buy.

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