An Introduction to Banking Supplies for Branch Managers

As a bank manager, you are responsible for administration, operations, training, marketing and security. Bank managers are also charged with the responsibility to supervise their team, product suppliers, and work with personnel to provide outstanding service to customers. But what many bank managers newer to their roles don’t realize is that when they invest in banking supplies from the right bank supply company, they can achieve many of these goals. This article will explain how this is possible with the goal to educate bank managers in making more educated decisions when it comes to investing in banking supplies.

Your Banking Supplies Must Consist of Tamper Evident Bags

Tamper evident bags are critical pieces to your banking supplies. The right cash bags will improve internal operations, reduce theft, and improve the customer experience. When creating your purchase list for banking supplies, be sure to get tamper evident bags that have seal technology that indicate when a bag has been tampered with. Some products release dye, letting bank managers know that someone on the inside tried to open them. This will help deter theft. Your banking supplies bags should also have large serial numbers capable of being detected on CCTV to enable better tracking and help prevent loss while improving efficiencies. Finally, these banking supplies should be tamper-evident bags that are robust and hard rip open–something that can happen when currency is in transit. Your bank bags should also have skid-proofing so that when they are stacked in armored trucks, they won’t slide around and rip open. Not only will these bags improve security and efficiency, but these banking supplies will also improve the customer experience by ensuring there are no cash shortages or delays to services.

Counterfeit Detection for Banks are Critical banking Supplies

The last thing you need is a reputation at your bank branch for handing out fake bills to customers, or dispensing counterfeit cash from ATMs. Bank managers can protect their bottom line and improve the customer experience by including counterfeit detection equipment in their list of banking supplies. Some counterfeit detection equipment is designed to verify large amounts of cash, while other products like pens are intended for tellers to use as they hand cash to customers. These products will show your customers that you put safety and security at the forefront of operations.

Durable Coin Wrappers and Currency Straps

One of the most overlooked components of banking supplies are coin wrappers and currency strips. Many bank managers think all coin wrappers and currency strips are basic products and are all, more or less, the same. However, poorly made coin wrappers can easily rip open when they fall, causing coins to spill out. This can slow down operations, create efficiency issues, and contribute to great losses over the year. Look for well-made, robust coin wrappers that have a twist-off top requiring the use of human hands to open them. Currency strapps should also be durable and keep bills tightly bound and secure.

Invest in ATM Supplies for Your Bank

Another vital part of your banking supplies falls into the realm of ATM products. High-quality ATM supplies are important to ensure the machines administer the right amount of cash, work without error, and give users a good customer experience. Make sure you invest in thermal receipt rolls, counterfeit detection eyes, ink ribbons, ink cartridges, card reader cleaning cards and ATM encoded cleaning cards. A bank can develop a bad reputation if its ATMs are known for being slow, not printing clear receipts, and not dispensing the right amount of cash. The ATM is the face of your bank’s user experience, so be sure you have banking supplies designed to upkeep these devices, and that will ensure an amazing customer experience with every use.

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