All the computer repair services you need in your emergency are now at your fingertips.

Computers are made up of their material part, called hardware, and the platforms and programs that make them work, their software. Each company uses more than one computer that they network, so the error in one affects the team’s work. So, you should never be silent about computer problems.

Having a monthly PC repair service is essential if you look to avoid failures in your computer platform. If you have any problem with your computer then hopefully you can get your problem solved today.

Which computer repair company is best for you near Cambridge?

We make it the best choice for you if you are looking for Computer repairs in Cambridge. With their maintenance service, you ensure the work of a team that knows its computers thoroughly. And anticipates any problems that may arise.

Their work philosophy is to solve problems when they happen and prevent them before they go through a series of preventive maintenance.

We make it happen philosophy-

They were born as a comprehensive services company that knows the value of its teams to meet daily goals.

Their commitment is to help you improve the performance and quality of your servers through computer maintenance that is responsible, proactive and reliable.

To carry it out, they evaluate the state of your computers free of charge and offer you a diagnosis accompanied by a job proposal.

Work value-

They have a 15 years experienced team of professionals who work with you to ensure that your efforts translate into achievement and are not hampered by problems with your equipment

They take care of a fundamental tool to achieve the growth of your company. And they encourage you to advance in its development through innovation and personalized advice.

Their computer repair process-


Depending on the computer problem, they use the best tools and software available to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. If there is a problem in the process or if you are not satisfied with the diagnosis, their guarantee protects you.


Once they provide the diagnosis of your computer, they send a quote for your approval. If you agree to the cost of the computer repair, they will immediately begin repairing your computer. If you don’t want to proceed with the repair of the computer, they will prepare the unit for collection.


Once the repair is approved, their engineers will work on your computer. If parts are required for computer repair. And they have them in stock. They will fix the unit immediately. Otherwise, they will request them. As soon as they receive the parts, they will continue with the repair of the computer.


They offer a warranty on all of our hardware repairs and a warranty on software repairs. Their team provides a high level of support. And they are here to help you.

Everything your PC needs to run well.

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance

It is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning technical service. And a functional review of all computer equipment to extend its useful life and detect problems in time.

  • Update your PC and performance improvements

They can advise you and carry out the installation of those components that increase the speed of your computer, reduce slowness problems, and considerably improve your user experience.

  • Repair of hardware and component damage and failure

If your laptop or PC does not turn on or has a malfunction due to damage to a component. They can diagnose your PC and determine the precise cause of the failure to solve it promptly.

  • Formatting computers and reinstalling Windows

If your computer equipment has software problems, their technicians will perform a review and diagnostic service to evaluate the convenience of formatting your computer and reinstalling the operating system.

What computer repair services do you need?

  • Laptop Repairs

They work on laptop logic board repairs, video or GPU repairs, screen repairs, power issues, liquid damage, Wi-Fi, software, and more.

  • Gaming PC Repairs

They specialize in gaming PC motherboard repairs, video or GPU repairs, hardware maintenance, power issues, slow performance, software, and more.

  • Desktop Repairs

Prime makes desktop motherboard repairs, video or GPU repairs, slow performance, power issues, problematic drive errors, Wi-Fi, software, and more.

  • All-in-One Repairs

They are experts in Desktop Computers, All-in-One, Logic Board Repairs, Video or GPU Repairs, Screen Repairs, Power Issues, Liquid Damage, Wi-Fi, Software, etc.

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