Advanced Features in Employee Management Software for businesses

Employee management software is designed to ease the administrative burden for growing businesses. It relieves HR personnel of many routine tasks and frees them up to devote their time to developing and implementing better strategies for employee retention and productivity. Let’s examine some of the best tools in employee management system, which will improve your chances of success in employee management. The criteria for tools selection is the tool’s contribution towards employee productivity, business profitability, and reduction of operation costs.

When do you need employee management software in your business

In the course of its operation, every company experiences problems that require solutions. Foremost among these is the problem of human resource management. Traditional management solutions are expensive and rigid and have a negative effect on employees while digital solutions offer flexibility and transparency while remaining efficient and effective – an ideal combination for any business to manage their employees.

The job of an HR manager, who is also known as a human resource manager is supposed to be all about employee management (the procedures which involve managing the employees and their recruitment, training, resourcing, etc.). But the advent of technology makes it easy for HR managers to automate their tasks. And perhaps the best way to do this is through a software solution that is specifically designed for employee management.

Spreadsheets are too old for employee management in 2022!

Many people think of spreadsheets as a useful tool for managing a business and keeping track of finances. This is only true if you never want to take your business to the next level because there are several ways in which spreadsheets can cause problems.

Treating employees in a spreadsheet is not good because spreadsheets can only show one thing at a time. Keeping track of your sales force is important, but you need to know how their performance relates to other departments as well, such as customer service and production. If you view each team as an independent entity, viewing them through a spreadsheet is going to make it harder for you to see any patterns that might be occurring.

You also need to know how each team member fits into the big picture, which means being able to compare different areas of the company. If you don’t see how your sales team contributes to customer satisfaction, or how customer service affects your production staff, then it becomes difficult for you to make informed decisions about who should be promoted or fired. If you try using spreadsheets for employee management, you’ll have a hard time figuring out who’s doing what and why they’re doing it that way.

Common Features in Employee management software

The employee management software can be used to manage payroll, employee attendance, time tracking, and leave management. It also allows the employer to view the progress of each employee. Some of these applications allow an employer to create forms that are filled out by the employee and then signed electronically with a digital signature.

The system keeps track of all the data concerning employees, creating detailed reports on their professional level, qualification, training history, etc. Also, it supports employee hiring procedures, among other features. The software also manages payrolls and timesheets automatically, saving you time and money while increasing accuracy. Hence, using these systems will help you make the most out of your workforce while boosting your company’s productivity.

Advanced Employee Management software Features for businesses

Businesses often need more than just a way to track the “what” and “when”. They also need tools for managing the “who” and “how”. This is where tools like Finclock come in. Finclock is an employee management application that offers over 15 tools in a single platform, so you can spend less time working on numbers and more time working on people. Finclock is a powerful employee management solution that helps companies in managing their HR activities. The software provides a detailed analysis of the company’s workforce and helps in making informed decisions. It offers the following features:

Tasks and Work Reporting

Anybody who has ever worked remotely knows the challenges of keeping track of time, expenses, and workload. In addition, you need to provide your employees with some other important services such as HRM and CRM. Finclock offers tools that help you provide all these things to your remote workforce simply and effectively.

With Finclock you can create tasks for your team members. You can assign tasks to only one person or to more than one person at the same time. Your team members will be notified when they have been assigned a task and will see it in their task list. They can easily check its status and progress, view attachments related to this task, add their comments, or update the deadline.

Finclock online staff management system also allows you to create recurring tasks that run every week, month, or year. Recurring tasks are especially useful for ongoing activities such as issuing invoices or reporting expenses. You can set a due date for recurring tasks and specify how frequently they should be repeated – once, weekly or monthly. You can create as many tasks as you want and they will immediately appear on the dashboard of your team members who will be able to see at a glance all the information related to them.

Automated Labor cost management

One of the core features that Finclock offers is a fully automated labor cost calculation. No more manually inputting timesheets or having to do it all by yourself. The system can calculate all worked hours and the corresponding labor cost. This way, your staff can be sure that their hours are correctly registered and you will have an accurate overview of your total costs. Since this is a cloud-based solution, there is no need for time and expense to install any additional hardware or software. The system allows you to start working right away after registration.

Automated Staff Performance reports

With FinClock, staff performance reports are calculated from tasks completed by an employee. This will make it easier for companies to monitor their employees and their progress. The performance reports are available 24/7, which is essential since finance companies have a demanding schedule.

FinClock also provides an integrated system for creating, updating, and publishing company policies and procedures. This is done through an easy-to-use interface. These policies can be made available to employees at any time through the FinClock application itself or any other communication channel.

The FinClock staff performance reports are based on a set of pre-defined criteria, which makes it easy to monitor employee performance in all areas listed on the report. This way, you have a clear view of how your employees are performing overall, but also in specific areas.

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