ACCA – all you need to know about the course

The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants is an international body of qualified accounting professionals with over a million members across the globe and half a million students enrolled on preparatory courses to become one of a kind accounting professionals in the future.

This article talks about the quality of courses offered in the UK, ACCA syllabus covered  professional development activities that it allows students to engage with besides experiencing the worldwide learning to meet the high standards of accountancy recruitment.

Is London a good place to study ACCA?

Students pursuing ACCA in London can take advantage of the following facilities:

  • Great opportunity
  • Over 10,000 approved employers
  • Global reputation
  • Easy access to accountancy jobs in over 180 countries
  • Robust support system
  • Round the clock student contact centre operations
  • Around 100 accountancy partnerships worldwide
  • Scholarships and other payment facilities
  • International reputation
  • Smaller class size and individual training
  • Thought by industry experts previously engaged with multinational organisations
  • Live online classes and discussion forums
  • Opportunity to earn the best score in the upcoming ACCA examination

What are the sections of the ACCA syllabus covered in the preparatory course?

ACCA preparatory courses offered in London includes modules related to all the voting papers that the final exam consist of.

The modules are available on-demand for certain papers, as well as focusing on optional and papers that you can seek exemption from.

Let’s dig deep into the details of the ACCA syllables:

Accounting in business

This section allows you to familiarise yourself with the foundations of effective management and gain an in-depth understanding of the contemporary business environment, additionally shedding some extra light on its structure.

Management accounting

This module will allow you to prepare and process basic quantitative information to ultimately support the decision-making process is conducted by the management.

Financial accounting

Besides learning about the underlying concepts, regulations and core principles of financial accounting, this section will also let you acquire technical proficiency related to the preparation and interpretation of basic financial statements and double-entry accounting techniques.

Corporate and business law

This section is curated to enhance your knowledge related to the legal framework by introducing you to specific issues relating to business in general and please identify solutions that require specialist legal advice.

Performance management

The main objective of this module is to develop your decision making, planning and evaluating performance by leveraging management accounting techniques and handling quantitative and qualitative data.


This will provide you with a total understanding of the impact of taxation on industrial companies, groups of businesses and individuals.

Financial reporting

In this section you’ll be able to develop your understanding of financial reporting and accounting standards by gaining a good grounding of the theoretical principles there are followed when creating financial statements.

Audit and assurance

This paper will allow you to horn the competencies demonstrated by financial managers within the areas of financing, dividend policy decision making and investment.

Besides the above-mentioned topics, London’s ACCA preparatory courses also lead to study vital topics including corporate reporting, governance risk and ethics, and business analysis.

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