A Step by Step Guide on How to Register for a Virtual Business Address

With the consecutive waves of COVID 19 surging, many entrepreneurs have revamped their business models from a traditional workspace to a virtual office.

Statistics have also predicted that by 2030, every office will be a virtual office.

With this in mind, to accentuate your business, the hybrid combination of working from home and a traditional office needs to be understood and adapted.

Following this guide, you’ll be able to learn the meaning of having a virtual office along with its registration process.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a business location that enables employees to work anywhere from the world while the head office i.e. a virtual office is situated in one place.

So, these virtual office solutions act as a third party by connecting you to your employees through the internet and mail.

Virtual offices are best suited for small to medium-size businesses that desire to establish a physical presence in the market.

 Because they offer cost-efficient and flexible options you are not bound to spend hefty amounts on renting an office space.

Also, if you are an on-the-go kind of person who travels a lot, virtual offices let you enjoy your freedom and don’t confine you to be present at a particular location.

What’s more, is the added services you get depending on what you pay.

Usually, virtual offices cost between $20 to $90 which is way lesser when compared to the expense you’d either expand on leasing an office.

Most packages include digital and physical services like mail receiving, mail shredding and forwarding, phone reception services, and voicemail utilities.

You can also book conference rooms and hot desks occasionally if a physical meeting with a client is needed.

5 step registration to a Virtual Business Address

Now that the meaning of a virtual address is understood, let’s dive into the process of registration.

Before you enroll in a Virtual business address, make sure that you fulfill two prerequisites.

  •   Your company should be in a position to receive emails and correspondence at this address
  •   Written consent of the owner to not use the physical property of the office

Registration process

Step 1: Choose a trusted business address solution to provide a virtual business address. Many service providers offer their services to thousands of locations across the US and abroad.

Step 2: Select the plan that matches your needs and the number of emails you expect to receive. Service charges vary according to the plan you pick and you can adjust your plan as the business grows.

Step 3: Sign up for the plan and proceed to checkout. This step also requires your credit card details for payment.

Step 4: After signing up fill a notarized USPS form 1583 along with two forms of Id. This step authorizes your mailbox location and sets it up to receive your mail.

Step 5: Now that you are all set, file a change of address with USPS or simply inform your previous clients and contacts personally.

There you go, within a few minutes all ready to work with your new business setup!

What to look for in a Virtual Office?

1. Pick the right plan for your needs

First and foremost make a list of your service requirements. A virtual office provides several facilities, some of which might be needed for your business and others might not.

Take into account the necessary services which can make your business flourish.

Over time, you can increase your services by adjusting the plan.

At a minimum, a high-speed Wifi, efficient reception service, and properly functioning scanners should be your concern.

2. Do your research

Once you are done analyzing your needs, spend some time researching the service providers that best match your needs.

Doing so, ensure that the office you pick offers adjustments in the plan accordingly and doesn’t have any hidden charges. Don’t shy away from inquiring about extra fees because some providers tempt their customers about cheap entry-level plans and then add in extra charges every month.

Also, bear in mind to avoid working with fraudulent companies. Some individuals sign up for virtual business addresses for the sole purpose of hiding their identity and deceiving their customers.

If you are in the vicinity of such phony companies, it could harm your reputation too.

3. Choose the right location

Before leaping, location is another crucial factor you would want to consider. If your company requires you to target the customers of a particular city or town, you need to build your presence there.

So, probe for an office which is the most convenient for you and your employees both simultaneously.

Also, if parking lot and public transport is your need, weigh it into consideration.

After all, virtual offices aim to aid you in growing your business so, a little evaluation of all the pros and cons beforehand could do wonders!

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