A Guide to the Dos and Don’ts for SEO Success

Let’s face it, SEO can be tricky. There are a number of things that expert SEO consultants will tell you whether to do or to avoid on the road to organic reach. Here are some of those things to keep in mind on your journey to optimize your content for search.

The Don’ts of SEO

  • Avoid Research

If only content writing was so easy that you could write any topic based on your wit and charm alone. But good writing comes from research, if you don’t do this, your content will suffer. Imagine if your aesthetically designed site with information that is not relevant? Would the customer want to come to your page? Users visit your site to learn something, to find a solution to their problem, or to take something, so don’t let bad content get in the way of your business. When you do your research, you will know what to write and how to make users engage more with your content.

  • Ignore your audience

If you had two kinds of audience, one for distinguished socialites and the other for sci-fi fans, you would not use the same language, images, or presentation for both these types of audiences, right? Many brands make this mistake of using the wrong kind of content for their audience – you need to check who you are writing for and match your tone of voice, language, and more to suit that audience. When people type on a search engine, they normally type in a question. So, create rich content that relates and ranks well by using words and terms that answer those questions. In short, take the time to get to know your target audience.

  • Stuff content with keywords

If you know the subject, the audience, and the keywords, ensure that you use them properly. Keyword stuffing only makes your content sound forced and tedious and will not get you on high on any search rankings. If you want to be on the safe side then find a way to highlight different important keywords while being subtle about it. If you know your subject well then you will use words and terms without being spammy about it. 

The Dos of SEO

  • Use analytics to measure performance

Before you start writing your content, you need to know which are your high-ranking keywords, you can use applications like keyword analytics to inform this decision. Try ranking for phrases that relate to your business and have a low difficulty score, meaning that fewer brands are competing for them. Long-tailed specific keywords often lead to the best conversions. 

  • Focus your content around your keywords

Make sure that the web development company in India uses the title, meta tags, and content related to your keyword. When searching on Google, you will have around 55 characters to impress the user with before Google cuts your title short, so these words need to be engaging. Ensure that your content is simple and targets your specific area and topic, never squeeze in extra irrelevant information and don’t repeat keywords or phrases instead use keyword variants, like long-tailed keywords and keyword expansions. 

  • Create relevant copy

SEO can be simple, just focus on creating relevant content that your audience will enjoy reading. This improves your chances of moving up the ranks as more users come across your content and can increase your rate of getting backlinks from another site. A backlink created by the best SEO company in Mumbai is considered a vote of confidence in your content. 

The Takseaway

Like any type of science, you need to follow certain tactics and protocols in order to get the desired results for your website. You need to use combinations and the right measures and get to know your audience. 

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