A Guide To Build A Gaming PC

Being a favourite source of pastime, Gaming PC has become the epicentre of fun and pleasure throughout the world. Especially during this pandemic situation, people from all ages, kids to old, become dependent on their own PCs. Being a hardcore gamer, you have to do heavy tasks, including video editing, typing documents and gaming; building a gaming rig your own may be the best for you. 

Consequently, most of them are spending their pastime on gaming. Hence, the use of gaming PCs has been rising to an optimal level. Apart from this, people are tending to build their gaming rig. This guide will help you to build your Gaming Computer.

Building a Gaming PC of your own for the first time may be a daunting task for you, but you can be assured that following this guide step by step, you will find it more manageable.

Shake off your worries and have a tour on this guide as it is designed to make the way of your building easier.

Let’s discuss the steps and parts you need to know to build a Gaming PC.

Make Your Plan About The Building

Before starting your building process, you must emphasise on some aspects you need for your building. Here, you will have to determine the essential parts necessary for you according to your affordability.

Choose Your Budget And Fix Your Demand

Before going forward to building a Gaming PC you must determine your budget and based on this budget you should select your requirements. Your budget will define the best type of Gaming rig you are going to have. Depending on the cost of your parts the performance of your computer will be determined. Building a PC of your own is an expensive task and you are going to invest your valuable time on it. So, think well before you go to the building procedure.

It’s all about your own choice how much you will invest on your gaming PC and how you want your PC to perform.

Check Your Gaming Rig

Let’s talk about the parts you need to complete your building. All the components you want to engage in your building process should be compatible with each other. The proper adjustment of these gaming rigs will determine how great your PC will be. 

Based on your budget, you should purchase the core components of your gaming PC that can fulfill your desire. However, if you think to buy low-budgeted core components, you will surely face difficulty in getting the desired performance. So, try to buy the best essential parts that are perfect for your machine.


CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) is considered as the brain of any PC. CPU determines how fast the performance of your PC will. Intel and AMD are the best recognised manufacturers for CPU.

As a hardcore gamer, you must need a musclesome CPU. Depending on the cores of your CPU, your gaming PC will perform. Mainly Intel’s chips are widely celebrated, offering their Core i3, i5, i7, and 9 series that are internationally recognised. However, the AMD Ryzen series provides excellent performance that may be compared with Intel. 

The rate of cores, the clock rate, and the number of threads are the three attributes of the identified chips. Mentionably, the amount cores demonstrate your gaming performance.

Henceforth, invest on your CPU as much as possible to get better gaming experience.


If the CPU is regarded as the brain of your computer, the motherboard is the heart of your PC that functions as the centre of your build. It functions to transfer information among each of the components of your PC. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the most significant part of your PC building system.

Motherboard keeps a direct impact on the performance of your PC, including the frame rate. So, before stepping forward to purchasing a motherboard, you will have to know the details of it.

This guide is decorated with the information you need to know to build the best gaming PC ever.


GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is regarded as one of the essential core components of any PC. In this process of building a Gaming PC, the importance of GPU beggars description. How nicely your Gaming PC will function mostly depends on the way you choose your grafikkarten. If you want to build an excellent gaming rig, you must select a high-end GPU.

So, if you want to make sure your PC’s high performance, you must invest a lion share of your total budget for purchasing a graphics card. This guide will help you to choose the right GPU you need to upgrade your PC.


PSU (Power Supply Unit), the main source of power that provides the ability to run your machine. In the complete gaming PC building process, there is no scope to avoid the necessity of the PSU. 

In the field of the beginners, it is often seen that to minimize cost, they purchase an average PSU, which may later create a problem. Mainly the PSU stays in an important place of your PC and supplies power to the other core components. If a power source dies, the other core components may be threatened to be destroyed.

Hence, we will recommend you to purchase the right PSU as it is the powerhouse of your PC.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a short-term integrated memory of any PC. It is a built-in memory connected to the motherboard and allows gaming and other PC programmes to be performed.

The more, the merrier. The more RAM you keep on your system, the faster your apps and games will run. As a hardcore gamer, you need the bigger sizes of RAM that can mobilise enough to your gaming system. 8GB to 16 GB RAM can meet the demand in case of playing high-end gaming.


Storage or memory is another most essential component of any PC. Your storage is a place where you have to keep your document, videos and other important files. In the case of building a gaming computer, you will have to focus on your storage system. There are two types of storage: HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid Disk Drive). You will have to choose which storage will meet your demand perfectly based on your budget.

For a lower budget, you may select HDD, while if your budget is husky, you may choose the SSD that is faster than that of HDD. Yet you have the option to take an HDD as you have the accessibility to add more memory in future if you need.

You need not be much worried about getting a huge quantity of storage as your storage system is expendable. Further, in comparison to both the storage, we encourage you to pick an SSD storage.

Which level should you choose for your building?

According to budget, this guide has stated three different levels of building a gaming computer. Your budget will define well which level you should go for building your desired gaming PC. Three different levels of the building process are mentioned below:

Entry-Level: If you are a beginner with a low budget, you can go for an Entry-Level building process. This level will allow you to get a PC within $500.

Mid-Level: For a Mid-level gaming computer, you will have to spend $500 to $700. A PC in this range can fulfil your desire of gaming, editing and other heavy tasks.

High-end: For the hardcore gamers, this level is highly recommend, and it will cost you $800 to $1000. This is the ultimate level that can satisfy all your dreams. This level is designed to provide you with extreme gaming, live streaming and video editing. And when we say extreme gaming performance, we certainly mean it. Rocking an RTX 3090 and an Intel Core i9-11900K that boosts upto 5.30 GHz, Built with the help of The MVP’s high-end custom build PC Builder, this rig is certainly a head turner. You’ll be experiencing over 300+ FPS in competitive titles like CS:GO with the rig providing you with the ability to game comfortably in 4K taking advantage of both NVIDIA’s DLSS and Ray Tracing (RTX) technologies

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How should be the peripherals?

Besides the core components of your building, you also should focus on your peripherals. Peripherals including monitor, mouse, keyboard etc., are significant parts to deal with. Regarding choosing these components, you must make sure that they will be compatible with your whole setup.


Regarding building a gaming PC for the first time seemingly may be a hectic task for you. But following this informative guide the building procedure will no longer be a fearful thing for you. Now, with the light of your own achieved knowledge regarding building gaming PC, build your dream. You can choose your PC components by using PC Konfigurator.

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