A Beginner’s Guide to Become a Mobile App Developer

Becoming a mobile app developer sounds like one of the coolest jobs in the world. Turns out it is since in a lot of ways android applications are taking over the software industry. Zaven, a polish house, for example, has become a leading company for software development Poland

Today learning mobile app development isn’t as difficult as it used to be. There is an abundance of resources available from where you can learn every nook and cranny of android development. But resources aren’t everything, you may still need proper guidance to learn the development efficiently and faster.

There’s no easy process to learn android development, to say the least. However, you can follow this guide as it will provide you with the basics of how to approach this field. Here’s how you can initiate your journey in the endless world of android.

Learn a Language

Before anything, you must possess a good command of any of the suitable programming languages. In the case of android programming, Java is mostly recommended. Java is quite popular when it comes to software development. It is easy to learn compared to its counter-parts and very fitting for beginners. Java has also been termed the foundation of android programming. That’s why you must learn Java before starting actual programming.

There are various courses available that you can do to learn Java. Because of the internet, you can even learn the language online via videos. Learning a language is a very crucial step as it will set the foundation of your development career. Not only will it prove helpful in android development, but you will also find it useful in other ventures.

Learn SQL

SQL is another tool that you must be synonymous with to learn android development. It is yet another language however its usage is largely found in database management. The establishment of databases is the key in this field and learning SQL can prove handy in that regard. This paired up with Java gives you a great platform to start android development. With the knowledge about these two, you should be able to begin novice-level android programming.

Learn XML

It is another pillar of android development as it will help with the appearance of android applications. Unlike Java and SQL, the role of XML comes into play when designing the application. You do not necessarily need to learn this. There are certain tools available online that are capable of doing tasks similar to XML. However, it is always beneficial to learn a bit about XML. Who knows? It may come in handy in an unimaginative way.

Find Appropriate Resources

While it’s true that you’ll come across countless resources for this, you will still need to select the best ones. Among many, you should follow the official Android Developer’s website. You will find various blogs related to android development which will be crucial for your progress. As additional support, you can watch various tutorial videos on YouTube, there are plenty of those. Apart from that, you can look up some free or paid courses about how to begin Android development.

Start with Android Studio

Android Studio is the best tool to start the journey of android programming. It is free to download and contains resources that will assist you in getting on with preparing an application. Android Studio is relatively easier to use and pretty self-explanatory if you know the basics. Along with it, you can also download the Android Software Development Kit which is also free. It will provide you with various libraries and tools, thus helping you in designing an application. Needless to say with the aid of Android Studio, you will have a great kickstart.

Final Words

You can follow this guide for the initial development of your android programming career. There is an endless depth in this field and you will always find new things to learn. Keep finding new sources, developing applications, and learning. In no time you will end up becoming a refined android developer.

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