8 Criteria For a Good LASIK Candidate

When you guys decide to get LASIK eye surgery you have to be a good candidate for LASIK. When you go to your eye surgeon they will check or examine your eyes and your body. They will check all the previous reports and after that they have examined your physical capability and eye prescription to know if you are a good candidate or not. 

8 criteria for a good LASIK candidate

  1. Healthy eyes:- if you have any condition like dry eyes, syndrome, pink eyes and infection that can affect your eyes respond to surgery. Eye surgeon in Delhi can determine if you have a problem with dry eyes during your preoperative exam. Contacts that interfere with your vision and uncontrolled Glaucoma also will typically prevent you from being a good LASIK  eyes surgery candidate. If you guys don’t have any kind of problem in your eyes and any medical history you will become a good LASIK  eye surgery candidate. 
  2. You should be old enough:- many surgeons recommend LASIK surgery at the age of 25-40. This is the ideal age of getting LASIK/ laser eye surgery. Normally you can get LASIK eye surgery at any age but the minimum age must be 18 and above because before 18 your eye prescription is not stable. As your eyes stabilize at the age of 25 and they may change again at the age of 40. This is the reason why most of the surgeons are suggesting you to get LASIK  eye surgery at the age of 25-40. Before 25 your eyes prescription is often not done changing, nearsightedness is the major problem in this age. After this age of 40 people develop the aging eye problem and thin cornea that’s why this is the best period to have LASIK eye surgery. If you are in this age group you can be a good LASIK  eye surgery candidate. 
  3. Stable vision:- as per I mentioned above your eyes prescription must be stable for a year before getting LASIK eye surgery. Stable vision in LASIK is the most important thing and the element that every surgeon has to check before selecting you as a good LASIK/ laser eye surgery’s candidate. It’s important for refractive errors to be stable for at least one year before undergoing LASIK. Doctors and surgeons want the prescriptions to be stable otherwise they are operating on a moving target that is not good for LASIK eye surgery. If you guys don’t have stable vision then you are not a good candidate so for making yourself a good candidate your eyes should be stable. 
  4. Pregnancy period:- if you are pregnant so this is not the right time to undergo the LASIK. Hormonal changes can alter the shape of your cornea, can change your vision temporarily after pregnancy, your vision and hormones return to normal and this thing could take a few months. Not only this pregnant women often have dry eyes and this thing causes you guys incapable  to have LASIK eye surgery. You may need to postpone LASIK surgery until a few months after pregnancy. After having LASIK eye surgery’s doctors provide you some medicine for healing may be risky for your baby so being a good candidate for LASIK surgery in Delhi you have to wait for sometimes after pregnancy. 
  5. Good health:-  if you have problems with your body and have a medical history so you are not going to be a good candidate in LASIK surgery.  If you have sjogren’s syndrome, type 1 diabetes and AIDS or degenerative conditions then this is not the good sign for you because these diseases make you incapable of getting LASIK eye surgery. Basically, if your body has any trouble with healing, you will have a higher of an unsatisfactory LASIK eye surgery outcome. 
  6. Corneas must be appropriate thickness:-   sufficient thickness in your corneas is another factor in your candidacy for LASIK eye surgery. The LASIK procedure works to improve your vision by reshaping your cornea. If your cornea is not that much stronger or too thin, it may be possible that you don’t get the results you want. 
  7. No history of corneal disease:-  if you have a history of corneal disease or any other problem in your cornea then this is not good for you because this thing will disqualify you from the candidacy from the LASIK eye surgery.
  8. Lens prescription is within a certain range:-  LASIK helps the patients with a range of vision conditions including myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and others.  If you have a problem or disease from none of this then you are not been able to be a good candidate in LASIK.  

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