8 Bachelor’s degree specialisations that are most in-demand in 2021

A college education has become essential rather than a luxury for establishing a career in any domain. You can choose from an unimaginable number of college majors ranging from medicine to illustration depending on your interests and career aspirations.

Pursuing an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree with the right specialisation allows you to walk away with a lot of professional and transferable skills. Therefore, the decision of choosing your bachelor’s degree specialisation should be a well-thought and carefully considered one.

These days, universities are also offering new subject majors like digital marketing and robotics that were abstract ideas even 30 years ago. These majors are suitable for students who like to explore novel ideas and career paths.

Here are some of the top college specialisations that have been picked by students across the globe in 2021.

  1. Pharmacology: The recent pandemic demonstrated that while a lot has been accomplished by the global pharmacological industry, a lot of it is still left to be desired. The race to produce a suitable vaccine for COVID-19 has boosted the profile of many pharmacological companies. There is immense career potential in this domain if you wish to aid humanity while still contributing to the scientific field.
  2. Computer science: Computer science has taken over practically every industry and professional field. Even creative professions like illustration and printmaking utilise different software and computer tools. Therefore, a background in computer science can ensure diversity in career roles throughout your professional life.
  3. Healthcare: The healthcare domain is one of the only fields that is seldom hit by natural disasters. In fact, global events like the recent pandemic only increase the demand for qualified healthcare professionals who can cater to the healthcare needs of the entire population. In contrary to popular belief, career roles in the domain aren’t restricted to just doctors and nurses. You can seek out interesting career paths such as diagnostician, medical imager, and finance specialist for a hospital.
  4. Information technology and robotics: Akin to computer science, IT and robotics is also a rapidly expanding industry. IT involves the intersection of the knowledge of both computer hardware and software while robotics deals with the creation of super-smart computers that can accomplish a lot of manual human tasks. As per a recent report, qualified robotics or IT engineers can earn anywhere between $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 annually in developed countries like the US, Singapore, and Canada.

Other popular specialisations include psychology, law, architecture, pure science subject like physics and chemistry, and life sciences. You can also opt for other mainstream specialisations like business administration, finance, and HR management.

Ultimately, your future career prospects depend more on your hard work and commitment to your studies during your undergraduate studies than your major. Even if you choose an unconventional specialisation like metallurgy, you can still find good job prospects if you network properly and get a decent GPA.

Investing in the right bachelor’s programme can set the right course for your future and make it brighter. Look for an appropriate undergraduate programme from reputed universities today to get your academic life rolling.

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