7 of the Coolest Electronic Gadgets for Kids

Kids are getting smarter and more tech-savvy than ever before. They can code, design apps, and even make their own games! But as we know all too well, kids these days have a lot of electronics to choose from. That’s why we’ve compiled this list for you – so that you don’t waste time searching the internet for the coolest gadgets out there! Here are the 7 coolest electronic gadgets for kids.

1. A tablet with a kid-friendly interface

A tablet with a kid-friendly interface is by far the most basic and necessary gadget for kids. These devices give them access to loads of educational content without even having to touch a computer! This way, they can learn on their own time schedule, which is especially convenient if you’re always busy at work or just need some extra help around the house.

I have the LeapFrog Epic tablet and it’s an amazing device! It comes with loads of awesome games such as Letter School, which teaches kids to read by sounding out letter combinations. There are also a ton of fun learning apps that teach everything from science to math and even foreign languages like French or Spanish! There are a lot more for your kids. To find this check out this review site.

2. An interactive toy that teaches basic programming skills

There are a lot of cheap and easy-to-find toys that teach kids how to code, but this one is my favorite! The littleBits Kit comes with tons of bits – small electronic pieces like buttons, switches, LEDs (light-emitting diodes), sensors, and motors – all you have to do is put them together in different combinations to create the project you want. The best part is, kids get immediate feedback on what they’ve created because the littleBits Kit has a built-in screen!

I like this toy because it teaches my son how to think logically and use his creativity at the same time. It’s also really good for teaching him patience – he has to plan out his design before he starts building.

The littleBits Kit is pretty affordable too, so it’s a great option for parents who want their kids to have fun and learn something new at the same time!

3. A smartwatch for kids to stay connected and safe

I recently bought my son a smartwatch and it’s honestly one of the best investments I’ve made. There are so many different options for kids’ watches now, but this is by far our favorite because it has all the features we wanted – like GPS tracking or an activity monitor! My son can call me from his watch if he needs a ride home from school, and it also has a ton of really cool games. It’s the perfect way for him to stay safe when he needs me but still have his independence too!

I spent so much time researching watches before I finally found this one, and I’m glad that we got it because all my son’s friends at school have one now too! It’s a great way for them to keep in touch without having to spend so much time on their phones.

This is an especially good idea if your child has ADHD or some other condition that makes it hard for them to be still and pay attention – the watch gives kids constant activity tracking while teaching social skills, responsibility, and the importance of being on time!

4. Interactive headphones that let the user listen to different sounds in each ear – such as nature sounds or white noise

Most kids these days use headphones to listen to music, but there are some really cool ones out there that do so much more than just play your favorite tunes. These interactive headphones let the user control what they hear by plugging in a specific type of sound into each ear! There’s also an ambient noise setting for times when you want your child to be able to hear their surroundings, like when they’re walking home from school or riding the bus.

I got these for my son because he has trouble sleeping sometimes and I wanted him to have something that would help him fall asleep at night more easily – it’s helped so much! He used to take forever trying all different types of sounds to find what would work for him, but now he just plugs in the right one and goes to bed!

If your child is really into music or audiobooks, these headphones are a great option because they can change their environment any time they want – it’s like having an expensive speaker system that you wear on your head.

5. A virtual reality headset that makes gaming less annoying for parents

My son spends so much time playing video games on his laptop and I’m really worried about what it’s doing to his vision. Luckily, there are these new virtual reality headsets that let you play any game without the risk of using a computer all day! They’re pretty expensive now but they’re worth every penny, trust me.

The best part is that I can actually play the game with my son from another room without even bothering him – it’s such a relief not to have to hassle him all the time about his screen time! We both really like playing these new games and we’re having so much more fun together now than before when he was stuck on his laptop all day.

6. A drone for kids who want to explore their world from above without getting too close to the ground

I got a drone for my son last year and he’s been playing with it every day since! It was so worth it because now when we walk around town or go on hikes, I don’t have to worry about him getting too close to anything – he can just explore from up high. He loves that his camera is an easy way to take pictures and he likes that it’s really lightweight too.

He spent hours flying the drone around our neighborhood when we first got it, but now I think he prefers taking videos of things – like his dog or stray cats in the alley behind our house. He even made a video for school about how drones can be used for good, and he got 100% on it too!

My son was so excited about the drone that I’m going to get him one of those tiny quadcopters for Christmas this year – his birthday is already gone but you know how kids are.

7. An augmented reality app, like Pokemon Go!, which lets them interact with the real world through their device’s camera lens by adding digital elements into it (e.g., monsters hiding in trees)

I bought my son a game this summer that was super popular but now it’s not as fun because I’m the only one playing with him. He loves catching monsters on his phone and he really likes exploring our blocks in search of them, so I got him an augmented reality app to go along with it. It turns out they’re even better than I knew because not only can you find monsters to catch, but they also teach you about the world around you and where certain animals live.

I’m really glad that my son is excited to do something with me again – it’s been hard lately since we don’t always agree on what games or books he wants to read. It’s also been really fun to explore together because we don’t have a lot of opportunities to do that as busy parents.

My son’s favorite part is catching the monsters and he tells me all about what they’re doing in the real world: sometimes it’s like seeing things through their eyes, which is pretty cool! I can tell this game is going to keep him busy for a long time because just when you think you’ve found all the monsters, there’s more. I’m really glad he can do something on his own that interests him and is entertaining too!

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