7 Important Features To Look Out For In Your Virtual Event Platform

Virtual event platforms are the new trends not just restricted to the organizations, but every business functioning in the world. With the pandemic outbreak and before, virtual event platforms have been a saviour for most of the businesses to connect people around the globe anytime. These web-based platforms deliver interactive online experiences with various features like live sessions, recorded sessions, remote breakout sessions, and many more. 

But are you using the event management platform that suits your needs the best? Is your event management platform equipped with the most trending and useful features of today? 

To help you analyse your system efficiently, we list down the seven important features that you must look into in your event management platform. And if you are someone who is planning to implement an event platform, hope this list comes helpful for choosing the best solution available. 

7 Important Features To Look Out For In Your Virtual Event Platform

Product or service showcase

As we sail through the pandemic, people are encouraged to avoid mass gatherings and launches to avoid the spread of the infection. This makes event management platforms the only option to continue with daily business operations. 

But can you showcase your product or service using the event management platform?

Yes. Being able to conduct product launches is an important feature to look for in a virtual event platform. With this feature, you can take your launches to the next level by leveraging AR and VR to provide real-life experiences. You can also offer 2D and 3D walkthroughs of the product along with unique storytelling capabilities to let your attendees interact with the product better. 

If you are missing out on this important aspect of your virtual event platform, and if your business needs this particular feature, then time to make a change. 


There are many event management platforms in the market that are rigid in nature and provide fewer customization options. 

Why is customization important?

Because you can create exceptional experiences for your attendees with customization options. You can filter the nuances and provide out-of-the-box video conferencing options to sustain attendees’ interests. With customization, you can target your true audience and enable branding opportunities for continuous flow of leads and registrants. 

Q&A, polls, and live chats

When you are interacting with a wider audience, these features come handy to create a great user experience. With chats, polls, and live Q&As, your team can engage with the audience and they can focus more on the topic of the webinar. 

With these features, you can rise above the traditional one-way video conferencing technique and engage with all your audience without any interruption and get them hooked.

Networking opportunities 

Unlike the in-person events, virtual event platforms must enable networking opportunities. Afterall, events are a great way to make new acquaintances, and attendees would never want to miss out on this availability.

Networking opportunities encourage attendees to get along with their industry peers and talk about multiple trends. And yes, this feature is available in the modern event management platforms that can be used in two different ways. 

One, you can create breakout sessions for specific topic discussion or allocate certain hours for the peers to catch up. Second, you can leverage the mobile application or the social channels to initiate discussions and encourage peers to communicate and interact. 

Social media integration

Even before the lockdowns, we knew that social media platforms are a great way to encash and generate leads. Even during the pandemic, social media platforms have proved to be one of the most effective ways to connect people, generate leads, launch products, run business, etc. 

Event management platforms integrated with social media platforms help organizers skip two steps and save time. With social media integrations, you can reach the wider audience about your upcoming events, begin registrations, share updates, introduce your speakers, and amplify your event experience. 

And everything from one single platform!

So, if you are using an event platform without this important feature, and have to go back to different platforms for your social media activities, then think again!

AI powered experiences 

Every system you use is majorly AI powered. By leveraging artificial intelligence, you not only simplify your process, but help your attendees in many aspects. 

Artificial intelligence can deliver you a curated list of event topics and agendas that may be of interest to your attendees. With artificial intelligence, you can integrate your system with calendar applications that send alerts and notifications to your registrants. 

AI also helps you understand your audience better, their goals, interests, etc. You can also integrate chatbots to your system for better support to your attendees, thus streamlining your entire process. 

Insights and metrics

Data driven insights provided by an effective event platform allow businesses to understand their audience better and create experiences and upcoming events of interest. Advanced insights and metrics can provide you with detailed information about your attendees, your speakers, your moderators, etc. 

Based on all the information you gather, you can create a goldmine of people’s data to reach your target audience, create something new, bridge the gap, and serve many purposes. Data enlightens you to make better informed decisions and optimize events to fit perfection. 


As organizations are transitioning from in-person to online events, it is important that you create a meaningful experience for your audience. To maintain an edge in your industry, it is important that you move over simple presentations and speeches for your upcoming events. 

As virtual events are in-demand, if you are looking to empower your business with the features above, check out Goldcast to create engaging events with advanced insights and effective features. 

Provide an experience with Goldcast that is worth the time and efforts, and soon you can see your business growing with its accelerated sales funnel.

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