7 Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker In India 2021

Pressure cookers have always been an indispensable element of every Indian kitchen. It’s a basic kitchen essential, and it is also found in almost every household. A pressure cooker cooks quickly and effectively, which is one of its main advantages. When purchasing a cooker, there is a lot to consider: the construction, the kinds, the variations, and so on. We had already debated which model of cooker had been the finest in India, even though it was a tough decision. We take a closer look at the stainless steel rack with wheels available in the market and put them in order for everyone. This also beats hands down as opposed to non-stick kitchenware, since meals do not adhere to the base of stainless steel made cookers, but food sticks to the base of aluminium pressure cookers. Using our detailed assessment, we have found these top 7 stainless steel pressure cookers for you.

Deluxe Alpha from prestige which has outer Lid Stainless Steel 2 L

Prestige is among the top options for Indian households, and it holds a respectable position in kitchen appliances. These products are quite effective, and many people have utilised them. It is a good pick not just because of its effectiveness, but also because of its build quality and dependability.  The build quality of this pressure cooker is excellent, and one can tell just by using it for a few minutes that it is of high quality.

Hawkins CL35 pressure cooker.

Hawkin’s CL35 stainless steel pressure cooker is another excellent option. Hawkins has long been a dependable kitchen equipment manufacturer in India. Its product quality makes it more dependable. The CL35 pressure cooker includes a fool-proof lid design, a matte finish on the inside and base, and a long-lasting gasket. The exterior of the cooker is mirror polished, giving it a very nice appearance. It also has a safety valve to ensure that it is as safe as possible. The main disadvantage of this pressure cooker is that it comes with a shorter guarantee period from Hawkins.

Pronto Stainless Steel 5 L Pressure Cooker.

Another of our top 7 best pressure cookers is the Pronto stainless steel 5L pressure cooker. The build quality of this pressure cooker is the major reason for its inclusion in our top. The build quality is excellent, and the cooker’s safety has been prioritised in its design. On the cooker, there is a suitable safety valve that will not allow the lid to open until all of the pressure has been released, and it is designed in such a manner that it is a very fuel-efficient pressure cooker that will help you save both time and fuel. This cooker’s distinctive 7mm thick enclosed base is made up of three layers. This device also comes with a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer. You can buy this from the website of Myborosil.

Pigeon’s Mini base Combo Pack Cooker.

Pigeon is yet another extremely popular company in India. This brand is frequently the first option for many individuals in the case of kitchen appliances. This pressure cooker is indeed a strong competitor to Hawkins, Prestige and all other cookers on our list, and is unquestionably one of the best options available. That one was a combined bundle that includes a 2-litre small cooker and a 3-litre cooker. Each of these items is made from stainless steel. Both the cookers are built quite solidly, making them extremely robust. These have comfortable handles that provide a secure grip and are made of food-grade steel material.

Clip-On Stainless Steel built Cooker from prestige with Glass Lid

It has to be among the best distinctive of the bunch. A stainless steel built cooker with a clip-on cover that has been around for a long. Almost everyone knows that Prestige has been one of the finest market leaders when it comes up to kitchen appliances, and their items are frequently a cut above the competition. It has the same stamp as the Prestige, indicating that it was one of the finest picks of all.  It has a stainless steel base and body that is extremely robust, as well as a distinctive ladle attachment for added convenience. It features an insulating grip that attaches to a double bolt and is quite simple to use. It has a solid construction that will last for many years.  This pressure cooker features an induction-compatible base and can also operate on a gas stove.

Curve Stainless Steel cooker from butterfly brand.

The butterfly is another fine brand of kitchen appliances in India.  It sells kitchen supplies in the medium range market and is well-positioned to fight with global brands such as Hawkins and many other big brands. This product’s history is impressive, as seen by this stainless steel cooker. It boasts an elegant design and a cool-to-the-touch grip. It makes for an excellent lock foundation that rotates in just one way. It also includes specifically built and manufactured food-grade silicone gaskets that fit snugly over time and help with gas discharge accuracy.

Blue Line Stainless Steel built cooker from butterfly brand.

The butterfly has become a popular choice amongst Indian housewives. This product is built up with stainless steel, which comes in 3 and 5-litre sizes have received positive feedback from users. Cooking becomes even easier and quick thanks to the massive induction friendly base. Butterfly has claimed that its gasket can last longer than other big brand names. Basically, it’s a reasonable option to other big branded pressure cookers because they’re both designed similarly.

The Deluxe Alpha from prestige comes with Outer Lid.

One of the most notable features of this type is its design, which has a wider area and a shorter length, making it appropriate for use as a pan as well. This pressure cooker has a strong base made from steel that really is basically a coating of aluminium placed between two layers of strong stainless steel, rendering it robust and allowing for equal thermal transfer across the container. The bottom also allows the pressure cooker usable with induction and stovetops.

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