7 Amazing Reasons Why Marketing Is Crucial to Your Business

Ever since advanced marketing methods overtook the industry, business owners started investing hugely in these modern means. Oftentimes, they disregard the golden marketing method — SMS marketing, which has become quite underrated, however, still effective in targeting potential leads. Of course, almost everybody owns a smartphone, so it would be smart to utilize this common piece of technology in our marketing strategies. It not only allows you to target the customers on the move but also reach out to a vast audience.  I AM Builders, a company offering construction takeoff services, has been using these strategies which have resulted in a large amount of their success.  If you are still struggling to figure out why SMS marketing is beneficial to your business, you should read on.

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

SMS allows your brand to communicate and engages with the audience more effectively. If you are sending out customer-centric information, which is the key here, the customers will appreciate the regular news and updates regarding your products and services. Since people are always in a rush, SMS texts are kept short and concise, unlike email adverts. This way only the essential and relevant data is delivered and in more appropriate way.

However, some may consider it somewhat invasive, but audiences have grown familiar with these methods since local services incorporated this method. Admittedly, it is an amazing technique for maintaining high engagement between customers and brands.

2. Instantaneousness

SMS texts are devoid of designs and graphics, making it easy to send them out in bulk, saving you precious time and resources. The only time you are investing in the time required to devise the texts. Once you have decided what to write, you can forward the messages with a single click and it will reach out to your audiences — as simple as texting.

What makes this method even better is that the majority of the sent messages are viewed in the first three minutes, which is amazing. Without a doubt, this is one the most rapid ways to target customers.

3. Straightforward and Uncomplicated Messages

We bet your emails are oversaturated with overlooked messages, but the same cannot be said for your SMS inbox. Even without opening the chat box, you can read the complete message on the notification panel because SMS texts are short.

Unlike complicated adverts and emails, it is relatively easy to read SMS texts without getting overloaded with information that you can’t process. It does give you a colossal advantage, allowing you to send the messages across to a bigger audience.

4. High Conversion Rate

One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing software is that it converts better than any other marketing technique. Factually, people will more likely click on a link received via SMS messenger than emails or other sources. When they visit your website, it allows them to learn and understand your brand, compelling them to sign up for the services. By incorporating this smart technique, you can skyrocket your business success in just a matter of time.

5. Greater Reach

Since smartphones make up a significant bulk of online traffic — almost 52.2% according to 2018 Statista reports — It gives businesses a chance to harness the benefits of this technology. The widespread commonness of mobiles makes it easier to reach out to a bigger audience without expending a lot of resources.

Plus, SMS isn’t bound to internet connections, which adds up to the effortlessness of this method. Business owners can incorporate SMS marketing to expand their reach and capture the attention of a huge chunk of the audience. And in just a short period, the message will be reached and read by your targeted audience. Is it not amazing how something so simple can help you achieve big goals?

6. Better Communication

It isn’t just about sending texts, but also receiving feedback from the people, which can be utilized in many ways. For instance, random surveys can help you generate customer personas for enhancing your marketing strategy and taking it to an advanced level.  Also, the customers can give you feedback on your services, allowing you to meet their expectations better by filling in the gaps.

Surveys have been a part of email marketing services for a long time, but the acceptance rate of this method is considerably low in comparison to the SMS method. Many pieces of modern research have exhibited that 31% of customers communicate back via SMS, which ensures better results.

7. Budget-friendly Approach

Digital marketing campaigns are known for their cost-effectiveness, but out of all the known methods, SMS marketing is the most affordable. You are not investing in expensive graphics, extensive written content, and printouts, but just a few cents for every text sent out. Undoubtedly, it is the cheapest way today to reach out to a vast audience and in just a few seconds. What makes it even more desirable is that you get a better return on your little investment.

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