6 Common Misconceptions About Online Games

There are many misconceptions regarding internet gambling because it is largely based on faith and chance. Some of them are patently untrue, but even the ones that don’t stick around in the players’ heads can have an impact on their performance.

Read through some of the most widely-held misconceptions about online casinos and discover if any rings true for you. Some will come as no surprise, while others have accepted wisdom about gambling on the internet.

#1 Online casinos are against the law

Some states have stricter regulations for online gambling than others. The truth is that just like land-based casinos, online gambling establishments must adhere to laws governing fair play and the prevention of cheating. Most of the states in the US have legalized online gambling.

After being outlawed nationwide in 2007, internet casinos are now permitted in some form or another in a majority of states. It wasn’t until recently that gambling was legalized in Singapore. There is no harm in gambling or playing casino games online for real money so long as you only play at legitimate, registered, and trusted online casinos in Singapore.

#2 The games are rigged

Over the course of our gambling careers, we have heard this myth more than any other. Many people have the impression that internet casinos cannot be trusted. What’s more, they believe they can manipulate chance in their favor.

While casinos do have an advantage (the “house edge”), player success or failure ultimately depends on chance. Furthermore, external agencies oversee internet casinos, and cheating would result in the loss of their gambling license.

Finally, you should know that online casinos are not actually hosting the games they display (slot machines, live dealer games). They are on the payroll of game providers and have no say over the results of slot machines or other games.

#3 Online gambling is addictive

Addiction is complex because environmental, genetic, and illness variables all have a role. Online gambling is not more addictive than traditional forms of gambling or other high-risk activities, such as excessive use of social media.

A few recent studies, many of which haven’t been replicated, have suggested that internet casinos are more addictive than traditional ones. If you have ‘problem gambling’ symptoms and are interested in online casinos, it is important to ensure that your at-home gambling is a pleasurable diversion rather than an all-consuming obsession.

#4 Online casinos never really pay for big wins

Some players worry that the online gambling site would find a way to steal their winnings if they hit the jackpot. Some casinos have been unwilling to pay the jackpot in the past and subsequently shut down without a trace because they were all frauds, to begin with.

This online casino urban legend is easy to avoid if you stick to tried-and-true games and services. A casino that doesn’t pay is probably also scamming you in other ways. Hence, make sure you truly are playing on a trusted online casino Singapore website.

#5 Online casino influencers are downright lying

If you’re a regular viewer of casino streamers, you already know this to be false. Those who livestream from casinos don’t necessarily have better luck than the rest of us; they just play more often. The more they play, the greater their potential for staggering triumphs.

There are always those who claim a streamer is using a rigged or boosted account. You can tell they only found out about this streamer after he had already won by looking at their profile. They left when he was already down. If you watch Twitch casino streams for any length of time, you’ll see that they don’t have any more success than you do.

#6 Online casinos are not safe

Concerns about data security at online casinos are widespread. It’s true that some sites don’t pay out winnings, but that’s the same with sites that are downright scams. However, legitimate internet casinos that handle millions of dollars in transactions online do not have to worry about this fallacy. They wouldn’t be successful if they were simple to hack.

That said, we recommend that you check CasinoSingaporeOnline for every trusted online casino Singapore site guaranteed to be safe and secured.

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