5 Ways To Make Your Home Smart in 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably come to realize all of the ways that technology has impacted our lives in the United States. Between being able to use our phones to do just about anything and having ways to go about our daily tasks without much effort at all, it’s safe to say that the way we rely on technology has become quite significant. Over the years, technology companies have been releasing products that are meant to be used in the home. If you’re someone who is interested in making their homes a little more “smart,” here are five ways to do so. Linen pillowcases are an essential item for any bedroom. They add style and comfort to your bedding.


Thermostats connect to your heating and cooling systems and are used to regulate the temperature of your home. By implementing a smart thermostat, you can keep the temperature of your home at an ideal spot which can keep your space feeling comfortable and your energy bills at a minimum. You can find one for a relatively low price, like this Google Nest one that connects to your C-wire and can be controlled from your phone or computer. If you plan on putting your house on the market, these thermostats can help you sell your house fast!

Kitchen Appliances

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then why not upgrade your tools to make cooking and baking a whole lot easier? These days, many kitchen appliances, including ovens and coffee pots, can be controlled remotely. For instance, if you are on your way home but want to have the oven preheated before you arrive, you can start it during your commute back home via your smartphone. Many of these devices, especially those controlled by Amazon Alexa, allow you to control them using voice commands.

Security Systems

Keeping your home safe and secure has never been easier. You don’t need to break the bank these days to install a security system that works well. There are plenty of options out there that use sensors and cameras that can be controlled by your smartphone. Google Nest has a variety of different options and packages that are affordable and easy to use. From doorbell cameras to locks and more, you can customize the security system that will work best for you.


Having lighting that is controlled by smart devices can be beneficial in many ways. To start, the ability to shut your lights off from any room in the house can save you the headache of having to physically get up and walk over to the light switch. Additionally, having the ability to shut your lights on and off that easily can help keep your electric bills at home when your lights aren’t accidentally kept on all night.  

Sound Systems

Sound systems throughout your home are great for those who like to listen to tunes, podcasts, or the big game! You can install speakers in every room in your house and connect them to an app on your smart devices. The audio systems can also connect to your TV room for an elevated experience for movie nights. 

A happy home is a comfortable one, and these tools can help make your home life that much easier. In addition to helping to make your day-to-day better, they can also keep your home safer and your energy bills at a minimum. Try some of them out in your pad and let us know how they work!

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