5 Things You Need to Know About Choosing a Vape Coil

The vaping world has a lot of terminologies, and it cannot be very clear if you’re starting. Sometimes more than one word can refer to the same thing, which can be difficult for anyone to grasp.

Several brands in the vaping industry have different product varieties, from batteries to e-liquids and what some would consider the heart of your vape, the vape coil.

What Exactly Is A Vape Coil?

A vape coil’s sole purpose in life is to heat the vape liquid and vaporize it. Basically, without the vape coil, you wouldn’t be able to vape.
Different vapers may refer to vape coils with other names such as coils, atomizer heads, or atomizers, but they all mean the same.

Vape coils may vary depending on the various e-cigs available, but they fundamentally rely on the same principle.

There is a metal outer case, and inside is a wire cloud and a wicking material— usually made from cotton and can be wrapped around the coil or pushed through it.

The power of your vape coil is measured using Ohms. Ohms measure the resistance of each loop. Measurements may vary depending on how many wraps the wire has, its gauge, and the type of wire used.

Despite sounding so complex, the vape coil is a small part of the whole vape experience. Vape coils complete the e-cigs, and if you’re looking for a vape pen you’ll love, and with an efficient vape coil, click here to get the best smok device.

What are the Different Vape Coil Types?

Vape coils come in multiple shapes and sizes. Whether using a DIY model or a pre-made coil, they follow the same criteria — they have to be made using particular material to work best. Each of these materials has different effects on the cloud volume and flavor of your vape.

Ceramic Coils

Ceramic coils offer a very smooth draw. Many vapers also reveal that ceramic coils accentuate the flavors more than any other material. They can tolerate very high wattages and last longer than cotton coils.

Kanthal Coils

These are the most popular type of wire used. Kanthal is an alloy of three different metals. Most vapes use either Kanthal or Nichrome, and it’s famous for a reason— it takes power well and consistently and comes in various sizes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can also be a vape coil wire. It’s able to hold its shape well with higher wattages and has a pretty fast ramp-up time.


Titanium coils are thin and easy to operate. However, they can only be used in vape devices equipped with a temperature control setting. It won’t work if you want to do straight wattage modes.

Things You Should Know About Before Picking a Vape Coil

Size Matters

Vape coils come in various sizes, and you may not know how much size may impact the quality of your vape. The size of your vape coils refers to the diameter of your coil. Vape coil sizes come in small, medium, or large.

The size of your vape coil determines how much e-liquid gets absorbed inside the wick of your coil. It also determines the airflow between the outer part of the coil and the wick.
With vape coils, if you’re going for a higher wattage level on your vape device, or a lower resistance on your coil, you may want to go with a smaller coil. Smaller vape coils will offer a rich, strong flavor, bigger coils, and larger vape clouds. Medium-sized coils lay in the middle, and they provide a delicate balance of the two.

What are Ohms?

Many vape enthusiasts claim that the resistance of any vape coil is the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing a coil. They’re right. There’s a direct relationship between the resistance level of your coil and its output level. If you want a higher output, go with a lower resistance level and vice versa.

You have to consider your device’s output level because incompatibility can lead to very disappointing results.

Brands are Important

You have to pay attention to the manufacturer of your vape coil for several reasons, the top one being quality. Many brands are available in the market that are not designed to last or deliver an exceptional vape. It’s important to know which brands are worth buying from and which ones aren’t.


Who doesn’t want to save money with every purchase? Well, setting out to get the best vape coil for your needs will set your wallet back a few coins.

Vape coils can get pretty pricey. As a rule of thumb, try to save money, but don’t go for the cheapest item in the lot. It may be unreliable and could cost you more money in the end.

What’s Your Preference?

We all have varying tastes, and this trickles down to the type of vape coil you get. There are tons of unique coils out there, and finding one that speaks to you and matches your preference is what you need to do.


Well, there you have it— all you need to know about vape coils before picking one. Of course, this isn’t everything in the topic, but what matters to you. Do your research, and you’ll end up with a long-lasting vape coil you love.

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