5 Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a staple accessory all PC gamers should have. Unlike regular computer mice, gaming mouse provides more precision and responsiveness needed for an optimal gameplay experience. However, just like buying gaming laptops and accessories, you might need to consider a few aspects before you find and buy the perfect mouse for your PC.

Here are five factors to consider before buying a gaming mouse.

Game Library

Your decision on which type of gaming mouse you should buy depends on the games you usually play on your PC. For example, if you are into first-person shooter games such as Counter Strike and Borderlands, a typical mouse with left, right, middle, forward, and backward buttons might be suited for your budget and gaming style. However, real-time strategy games such as XCOM, Age of Empires II, Warcraft, and StarCraft, you might want to get a gaming mouse with extra buttons for a better and more optimal playing experience.

Check your game library first to see which games you usually play. Doing so helps you select the more suitable and ergonomic gaming mouse. Your gameplay and accessories should be smooth, comfortable, and worth your investment.

Grip Style

Besides your game titles, you also need to consider your grip style. The way you hold your mice may affect your play style. For instance, a palm grip is what most PC gamers use when holding their mice. Your pointer and index fingers lay flat on the mouse buttons while your thumb rests on the side and the whole palm rests on the body of the mouse.

Other gamers have claw grips. In this grip type, their hand shapes into a “claw” wherein their finger and thumb tips are angled on the left and right buttons and the back of their palm resting on the back of the mouse. You may think of the claw grip as similar to homecooks holding vegetables while they cut them on smooth kitchen countertops like those in BSA Twin Towers’s units. Some gamers may have tip grips, wherein only the tips of their index, middle, and ring fingers are on the left, center (wheel), and mouse buttons. A tip grip is like gently hovering your hand over the mouse while you play.

Knowing your grip style helps you choose which size and design of gaming mouse best suits you. You might be more comfortable with a mouse with a wider body and buttons that click faster. If you have smaller hands, a narrower and rounder one might work for your hold. A gaming mouse that is comfortable to your hold and suited to your hand size and shape may help you enjoy your gaming experience better.

Wired or Wireless?

Back then, wireless mice were deemed inconvenient and impractical for gaming due to their slow responsiveness, especially with fast-paced and reactive games. Most gamers prefer wired mice as they are more responsive and accurate during gameplay. Wired mice have less delay and are faster than their wireless counterparts, which is why they are favored by most gamers. They are also more durable and more affordable than wireless ones.

However, throughout the years, wireless mice have evolved to become faster and more responsive to provide a more efficient and enjoyable gameplay. Since they run on Bluetooth technology, they can be quite pricey especially if you are targeting a mouse with high-precision. Still, they are easier to keep away as they have no cables that may tangle with your other devices or drag other items down your desk.

Choosing between a wired or wireless mouse depends on your budget and personal preference. Most gaming mice in the market are the wired variety, so it might be more convenient for you to find one in your area. However, if you are willing to shell out more on the sleek and more precise Bluetooth technology, then you might want to consider getting a wireless mouse. The best part is that you’ll find an array of brands offering wireless mice that aren’t just ergonomically designed for gaming, but also aesthetically pleasing for your gaming setup.

Lighting and Customization

Aesthetics are another factor gaming mice are favored by professional, hardcore, and casual gamers alike. Most gaming mice in the market offer lighting and customization options that you can change according to your preferences. You may tinker with the settings such as the DPI sensitivity level for faster or more precise tracking and movements. You may also change the RGB lighting of your mouse to any color, ranging from the usual red to an icy blue or fiery orange.

Keep in mind that pretty gaming mice can be quite expensive. If you want to spend more on those RGB lighting and other functions, then get a mouse that you can customize and use to accentuate your PC setup.

Consider Various Mouse Types

With PC gaming evolving and becoming more complex, the need for tailored gaming accessories becomes more imperative. Back then, gaming mice had the typical left and right clickers, center wheel, and side buttons. They also varied in size to accommodate different hand shapes and grip styles. But now, you can choose from different mouse types to cater to your different game titles and playstyles.

Here are some of the gaming mouse types you might want to consider:


Shooter mice are the most common and conventional type of gaming mouse. Like a typical computer mouse, a shooter mouse has left and right buttons, a wheel clicker, and side buttons. They are ideal for first-person shooting games as they can help you select weapons or armor, throw grenades, do melee actions, and zoom in and out of your screen.


Are you left-handed? Then an ambidextrous gaming mouse is your best friend. With most mice types designed for right-handed people, lefties compromise comfort by learning to navigate a typical gaming mouse. But now, lefties can rejoice because ambidextrous gaming mice are symmetrical, making them comfortable to the touch in both hands. They also have extra buttons on both sides, making it more efficient for you to play your favorite PC games.


If you love games that are heavy on custom-bound skill and other functions that need to be activated quickly, then a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming mouse is your best choice. They have around 12 extra buttons on the side that you may use to activate skills and mechanics useful for games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Age of Empires.


A hybrid gaming mouse offers the best of all worlds as they are designed to suit almost all game types. They have more side buttons than the usual shooter mice, but less complicated than those in MMO mice. If you are a gamer that plays various game genres, then it is practical and cost-efficient to get a hybrid gaming mouse. 


Gamers who love to bring their gaming laptops with them may make use of mobile gaming mice. They are similar to shooter gaming mice, but they are a lot smaller and can work smoothly even without a mouse pad. They are also a lot lighter and portable, so they fit in your gaming backpack or laptop bag.

Choosing a gaming mouse depends on your budget, the games that you play, and your preference for comfort and efficiency. Take note of these tips before you invest in the perfect gaming mouse that will bring you places, loot treasure, build on your stats, and enjoy your virtual adventures.

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