5 Surprising Benefits of Content Marketing

It’s a pretty well-known fact that content marketing is one of the most effective strategies in the entire industry right now. At the peak of the era of technology and free-flowing data, this marketing technique utilizes the accessibility and wide reach of the world wide web.

It drives traffic to your website, increases lead generation, converts leads into sales, and eventually establishes and boosts your brand name. Not to mention, it gives you a rare insight into who your target audience is and should be. Moreso, there are other benefits that content marketing can give you.

Lowkey as they might be, they could still help you venture out to try this strategy. If you’re still on the fence about it, or simply looking for ways to improve your approach, here are five unexpected benefits of content marketing. You can also opt to hire reputed agencies such as

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing works by customizing informative and specific material to use for advertisements. It’s one of the most top lead generation strategies, and for good reason. Offering the audience your brand’s insights and values helps them take interest in your products. 

The platform used for this is usually the internet, if not the traditional billboards and flyers. It maximizes the use of blogs, social media, strategically placed ad banners, email list blasts, visual graphics, email marketing, and audio or music for lead generation.

A group of knowledgeable marketing teams work with sales teams to figure out the best possible approach to target a specific audience and turn leads into sales. It also nurtures possible interest on a wider scope. Some ads are stumbled upon by the casual social media user and piques their curiosity to know more.

In other words, content marketing uses an approach that clearly shows the progress of using technology as the number one tool to deliver content to potential customers and turn them right into the sales funnel. It is a highly organized way for lead scoring.

According to Igloo, a leading SEO Agency, Content Marketing helps in guaranteeing long term digital success for a brand. This growth is organic, sustainable and contributes to the credibility of a business online. Users are more likely to prefer brands that convey informational and educative content to them rather than push products and services all the time. 

Establishing Brand Name and Recognition

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) usually face the same challenges at the beginning. That is, building their brand from scratch and putting it out there into the world. The key to lead capture is creating content that caters to the frequently asked questions of the targeted audience. But with this content, you must not forget your brand’s uniqueness and visions.

Invest in content that showcases your brand’s attributes. Use your landing page as a call to action for those visiting your website to want to know more about your product or service. Using visuals, audio, and whatever else in your arsenal, study in great detail what makes your brand different among many others in the industry.

Targeting Audience in a Broader Scale

In an ideal setting, your SEO efforts will organically be stumbled upon by internet users. They will read your blog, visit all the links, sign up their email addresses and contact information for newsletters, and eventually become a loyal customer.

However, it doesn’t always work like that. One of the best advantages of content marketing is you don’t have to individually and painstakingly select your target audience. Instead, the remarketing method is used. 

Remarketing is connecting with users who have previously interacted with your blog, website, ad, or content. It allows you to strategically place advertisements as they scroll to help remind them of your product and service. In short, it makes your brand more visible at any given time! 

Social Media Exposure

Have you ever scrolled through your personal social media account and found an ad of a product you were just looking up on a search engine the night before? This is all thanks to content marketing. Now you can do the same for your brand. 

Utilizing every social media platform that allows ads, which are quite many of them to be fair, will surely increase your conversion rate. Some algorithms also allow for lead information. Only the basics such as emails so you stay connected with possible clients. There is also something called the “flywheel effect” that makes social media a powerful tool for marketing.

Our fourth and final content marketing benefit focuses on social media – specifically, how publishing content on a regular basis can help you create what is sometimes called the “flywheel effect” that can consistently help you grow your audience, establish greater credibility in your industry, and provide you with further conversion opportunities.

The flywheel effect is when you post your content and then it begins to gain traction. It is shared and posted over and over again, and people comment and interact. It then appears in their timelines and keeps popping up until the interactions cease. The goal is to answer all commenters so you can be a source of useful information as well as boost traffic on your post.

Gaining Traffic on Your Ads

One of the most vital content marketing benefits is generating inbound leads. More quality content from you means a bigger digital footprint. Adding more quality content to your website helps to create a larger digital footprint. As a result, your posts and website would be on the top of search lists. 

Well-optimized content that answers questions or solves an inquiry is likely to gain a higher ranking in search engines. Increasing organic traffic can be difficult but this is a highly effective method of doing so. It also gives customers the idea that the topmost viewed content is usually the more established and effective brand.

Build Trust, Credibility, and Authority

When people resonate with a company’s ideals, it is almost a certainty that they will support its products. Lead generation isn’t just all about gaining sales qualified leads but establishing a steady stream of loyal customers. They will almost always passionately support your brand. Not only do they like the product, but genuinely love your branding and advocacies as well.

Make sure that your content does not overdo the sales pitch and focuses more on catering well to customers. The gain, after all, should be equal to you and the consumer as all transactions go. However, content marketing can help you connect with possible customers on a more personal level. 

It can help you communicate in a more thorough way what you can provide for your clients that no one else in the industry can. A more approachable branding can make people more comfortable with your product’s credibility. If you continually produce content that makes them trust you, that gained loyalty could greatly and equally benefit you and your audience.

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