5 Sticker Apps for Malayalam Keyboard

If you own a smartphone and you say that you do not chat, then either you are lying, or you are lying. Chatting is everywhere in your life. Professional Businesses, as well as friendly banters, are a common sight in your chats, right? All social media applications and websites offer chatting as a must. As the rapid development of social media platforms and android applications progressed, features and creativity in such apps took a giant leap. Stickers were introduced, and they are obviously a user-favourite feature on every chatting platform.

Stickers are usually representations of a character, a scene or a meme. You can customize stickers through their personal photos. Stickers are collected by a lot of people who receive them as a message in chats. If you are a young adult, then it’s obvious you’ll relate to this. You also try comparing your stickers with your friends, right?

How do we know you so well? It’s just this predictable!

Stickers are not necessary for the functioning of chatting platforms, but they certainly make chatting funnier and more enjoyable.

Speaking of stickers, are you not satisfied with the ones you have for your standard Malayalam Keyboard? Well, then you are reading the right blog! Below is a list of the Five most popular sticker apps for your Malayalam keyboard:

  1. Malayalam Keyboard with Stickers by Bharat Keyboards: You might have guessed it already. It is actually a Malayalam Keyboard app that comes with Malayalam stickers as an added plus. The sticker content is best-in-class, nevertheless. Along with a feature-rich keyboard, you will also find a well-developed meme and sticker library. With this keyboard, you also get suggestions for the stickers you might want to use based on your typed text.
  2. Malayalam Stickers 2021 by Zerobulb: The first thing you’ll get fond of in this application is its well-developed user-interface. It offers lightweight sticker packs, which you can also add to your WhatsApp interface and use them in your chats. Zerobulb boasts over 1000 Stickers, along with many meme stickers and wishes stickers you can use to elevate your jokes and wishes to the next level!
  3. Malayalam Stickers by Malayalis Corner: This app is one of the most popular Malayalam sticker applications you can find on the Google Play Store. It has more than ten thousand downloads and more than 500 Malayalam stickers to make Whatsapp even more awesome for you! Set a new bar of coolness with these stickers, and make chats more fun!
  4. Malayalam Stickers by Newspark apps: Newsparkapps (the developers) went with a power-packed approach with their sticker app. It is true that Quality matters over Quantity. You will notice this while using the app in its purest essence. A small but on-point collection of stickers empowers you, even if you have a smartphone with low storage space, to be a mix of friendly sass with the stickers they provide. Despite the relatively smaller sticker count, there have been many downloads of the app.
  5. Malayalam Stickers – WAStickerApps: Another application by anees4ever has close to three thousand downloads to its name. This app contains more than 500 stickers you can use in WhatsApp. It also gives you the option to import stickers from other applications, which is a first. You can also create, edit and organize stickers using pictures from your gallery itself. Other than this, the application supports many different versions of WhatsApp (if you have ever installed a crack version of any app, you’ll know what is being talked about). It also contains stickers to wish your close ones creatively.

You can choose to specifically download just the sticker packs, or you can completely give your keyboard a better aesthetic look. All you need to do is install the Malayalam Keyboard with Stickers on your device and set it as the default keyboard.

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This keyboard provides you with several features for typing in Malayalam so that you get a seamless experience along with new features to use.

If you’re looking for a change in your Malayalam Keyboard, do stop by to download our application!

Use the following link to download the application: Download Malayalam Keyboard with Malayalam Stickers Now!

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