5 Options for Business Collaboration Software

Business collaboration software is what allows your employees to communicate and collaborate on a variety of projects. However, with so many different business collaboration options out there, it can be difficult to decide on a specific option for your company. Here are five potential options that you might want to consider.

1. Asana

Capterra Rating: 4.⅘
Free Trial: Free Plan + Paid Plan

There are so many features available with Asana that it’s something some users can actually find a bit confusing. However, if you’re able to adapt and figure out all the features you’re interested in, Asana can be a great tool, especially considering the fact that it offers four different paid plans so you can scale up to the one that will work best for you.

2. Google Workspace

Capterra Rating: 4.7/5
Free Trial: 14-day Trial

Google Workspace is one of the best business collaboration software options for companies that already use Google products. It can integrate all of your Google products into a single streamlined workspace, with tracking revisions and collaboration features aplenty. While there’s no free option, there is a free trial, allowing you to see how all your Google features will merge into a single space.

3. Microsoft Teams

Capterra Review: 4.⅘
Free Trial: Free Plan + Paid Plan

If your company currently uses Microsoft 365 for the most part, Microsoft Teams may be an amazing addition to the company collaboration features. Not only does Microsoft Teams have a free version, which may be helpful for many companies, but it also has mobile apps and video conferencing options to suit just about any business’s needs.

4. Smartsheet

Capterra Review: 4.⅘
Free Trial: 30-day Trial

Smartsheet is unique in that it’s mostly a customizable app geared toward project management. If you need project management reports, Smartsheet can be an amazing option, although some options, like budgeting and resource management, may require third-party software to flow effectively. However, with its free trial, you can try it out and make sure it’ll suit you.

5. Trello

Capterra Review: 4.5/5
Free Trail: Free Plan + Paid Plan

The visual layout of Trello makes it a great option for companies and individuals that prefer to be able to see their upcoming timeline. It’s a relatively simple tool, which can work both for and against it – companies that utilize a number of different integrations may find that they don’t have enough support for those integrations. However, companies that don’t need many integrations will likely enjoy the simplicity of Trello.


Business collaboration software has never been so important, and during COVID-19, more people than ever are starting to utilize these software options for their companies. However, it’s still important that you scale your collaboration software tools to your specific needs. No matter what your needs are, these five software options provide different ways of addressing those needs. Find the right one for your company, then implement it for easier collaboration across time and space, no matter where you are.

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