5 Key Trends of SharePoint as a Service in 2021

The sharepoint as a service is growing at a rate faster than ever. The reason for this is its ease of use, scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. According to reports more than 73% of organizations are planning on transforming their digital tools to Saas. That’s why in order to remain competitive and in the loop it is important to be aware of the recent trends. 

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What’s Sharepoint Saas?

Sharepoint Saas is also called sharepoint online. It is a web-based application that is used for information exchange and collaboration in an organization. Sharepoint on-premises and sharepoint online both allow users to store and manage their content without break. But sharepoint online is cloud based. 

It has been more than a decade since sharepoint was implemented. It has grown in popularity especially, sharepoint online. Saas vendors try to keep up with its changing trends. It is necessary if they want their projects to succeed. 

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Key Trends

Use Sharepoint Add-ins

If your company uses both on-premises and online services of sharepoint then it is best not to use farm or sandboxed solutions when transforming from one to the other. That’s because they could impact your whole cloud environment, which is not something you would want. 

A more safe and famous option is using sharepoint add-ins. Changing and modernizing your deployment approach will allow you to have more flexibility. It is time that the professional community start rethinking their approach of server based deployment and move on to add-ins. 


Integrating the digital tools close to each other is also a growing trend. Strong integration improves the productivity of the workers. Sharepoint can integrate with many Microsoft and many other third party systems and tools. This aids in eliminating the silos approach. 

That’s why the companies that move to sharepoint will not have to worry about the tools they used previously to not work with the new system.  

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

It is believed that the part of machine learning and AI will increase in Sharepoint Saas as time passes. In fact it is already using some of its components widely, such as translation, recognizing images for auto-tagging, analysis of texts for emotions etc. To increase collaboration and for better customer service bots are going to be used in sharepoint portals and intranets. 

The key features of big enterprises and regulated industries are improved search and better compliance with regulations. That is what AI helps with. 


Improving and modernizing sharepoint online started in 2018 and still continues. More parts are added to it for better employee experience. These new features and parts simplify access to relevant information and allow individual employee personalization. 


Along with the implementation of solutions such as DMS, LMS and intranet the mobile version of sharepoint online has become a must. This approach has already spread a lot. As a result of becoming a must-have feature, it will reduce costs for implementation of sharepoint solutions on mobile and desktop.

Final Words

One main advantage of using Sharepoint Saas is that your company will not have to install and run the app on their system. This reduces a lot of costs. Sharepoint Saas is widely used which is why it is important for vendors to be aware of the emerging trends to attract buyers. Trends can give you hints about how to improve the functionality of your solutions. 

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