5 Effective Tips to Prepare for Board Exams

Every year the Central Board of secondary education conducts board exams for students in class twelfth. To get admission in the desired high learning programs, become eligible to sit in different competitive exams, and ensure future success, doing well in board exams plays an important role. The main academic streams in class twelfth are science, commerce, and humanities.

In all these three academic streams, board exams are conducted to assess students’ understanding and knowledge of the taught subjects. To do well in board exams, effective studies are very important. Let us discuss some tips that senior secondary learners can follow for effective board exam preparation. 

Board exam preparation tips for senior secondary learners 

1. Use audio-visual tools to learn 

Dealing with the commerce, science, and humanities senior secondary subjects from the textbooks becomes difficult for students. This also becomes a time-consuming process. To overcome this problem, technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, students can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Other than this via technology, students can also access online quizzes, puzzles, riddles, and multiple-choice question worksheets for better practice and revisions. 

2. Take additional coaching

In senior secondary classes, the academic subjects become detailed and complex. For some students, only classroom learning is not enough for effective understanding and exam preparation. In such cases, taking additional coaching is advisable. Today there are several coaching centers that students can join for better learning experiences and self-studies. You can also hire a private tutor or home tutor. The explanations, personal attention, and help received will help students to do better in board exams. Whatever topics you find difficult, ask your tuition teachers to reteach and help. 

3. Go for online classes 

Many students feel the need to take coaching and tuition for board exams but due to time constraints, travel issues, and more, students find it difficult to reach the centers.  To overcome this problem, today technology is helping students to a great extent. With the facility of online teaching, students can learn anywhere and at any time. This provides them with better flexibility, convenience, and comfort. Search for the best platform to sell courses  online and choose an appropriate fit for yourself. This will help you to get an effective academic understanding, and prepare for board exams properly. 

4. Practice mock papers 

For effective board exam preparation, practicing mock papers is quite beneficial. By practicing sample papers, previous year question papers, and mock tests, students can get an idea about what is the current learning status and what more needs to be done for improvement.

 By using course selling, technology, and official CBSE sites, students can access these papers easily. Also, students can get to know about the exam type, types of questions asked, marking scheme, and more. Wind up your exam syllabus timely and utilize the remaining time in sample paper practice. Take out the time for full three hours and complete the whole paper in one go. 

5. Ensure proper doubt resolution 

To appear for board exams effectively, clarity of mind is very important. While dealing with senior secondary applicative and theoretical subjects, facing doubts and queries becomes difficult for students. In such cases, proper doubt resolution is very important. Whenever you face any academic difficulty, note it down and ask the teachers in the next class. 

Or by using technology, and different social media accounts, you can get instant answers from the teachers too. But many students fear asking doubts. They feel that they might be judged or scolded by the teachers. However, this is a wrong assumption. Teachers are there to help you out only so feel confident and free to consult them. You can ask teachers to conduct a few separate doubt classes during exam time. 


For academic growth, professional development, and future success, scoring well in board exams is very important. By following the above-mentioned tips that are using technology, taking additional help, online classes, sample papers practice, and more, students can prepare for board exams well. This will help all senior secondary learners to clear the board exams with high scores and grades. 

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