5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Local SEO

Does your business provide region-specific products and services? If so, you might want to add local SEO as part of your online marketing arsenal. In many cases, your audience is just nearby, but they haven’t discovered you yet. Since more and more people depend on the internet to search for businesses, you must find a way to connect with these potential customers via local SEO with the help of SEO services in New York.

New York SEO Services Pricing

SEO services in New York cost $100 to $250 per hour. Overall, the cost of SEO will run you from $2500 to $10,000 per month. Factors that affect the cost include the size of your website and the competition in your industry.

Here are five common mistakes that you should avoid when employing local SEO:

1. No Google My Business Profile

Many people have the notion that search engine optimization means ranking in Google results. However, when it comes to local SEO, it is not so.

When the user keys in “nearby plumbers,” they will see a huge map on the upper right portion of the Google page. Plus, they will be viewing information for plumbing services in the results, such as the name of the company, the addresses, phone numbers, and reviews.

But these come from the Google my business page rather than the business’s website.

If you have not set up a Google my business profile page yet, you are missing out on many things. The service is free and shouldn’t take more than several minutes of your time.

New Yorkers are constantly online looking for products and services. Because of this, local SEO for New York is critical.

2. Duplicate Listings

Another typical mistake in local SEO is duplicate Google my business profile pages.

Google detests duplicate content. Additionally, it is a negative experience for users to see the same information repeatedly in the results. It is wasting Google’s resources to analyze and store this duplicate information.

The creation of duplicate listings is against the terms of service of Google. Every business location must only have a single Google my business profile page. To check if you have more than one page, you can utilize the Moz local tool.

3. Missing Relevant Categories

This may be the most common and costliest mistake made on Google my business profile pages. You must never miss relevant categories.

Never rush this critical step when you are creating your page. Category sections are similar to those of yellow pages. The more sections you advertise on, the likelier your potential customers will find you.

Because of this, if you are in relevant categories, the better your position will be. It must be noted that it is against Google’s terms to include irrelevant categories. Be cautious when you choose your categories.

4. Using the Wrong Keywords

Keywords are similar to bridges since they help you connect with your potential clients. It is critical not to tamper with them, and you need to utilize them correctly. Keywords are words or phrases that people type in their search box, so you cannot decide for them.

Because of this, a common mistake is to utilize keywords wrongly or falsely. However, it will get your business nowhere since it won’t show up in the search feed of your audience if you aren’t targeting the correct keywords from a proper business perspective.

5. No Contact Information on Your Website

You must check your website’s contact page and make sure that the contact information is filled out.

Ensure that critical info such as your business name, address, and phone number is listed as text and never as an image. It ensures that Google can read your info and verify its accuracy.

Avoid showing incorrect information in your search results since it will impact the credibility of Google. This search engine giant doesn’t want to lose users because of incorrect info.

One of Google’s measures to ensure accuracy is to compare information on your website versus the ones listed on the Google my business profile page. If it doesn’t match, you need to edit your website or Google my business profile to make them precisely the same.

What Is the Impact of Local SEO on Your New York Audience?

There are many active users of the Internet in New York. New Yorkers are part of the statistic that helped the US rank third among most active Internet users worldwide. New York is part of the burgeoning digital population in the US. In progressive cities such as New York, many could no longer imagine a life without the internet. Because of this, you must apply high-level local SEO on your website and other digital presence to attract these potential customers with incredible purchasing power.

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