5 Best SUV Tyres For Your Vehicle

The craze for sports utility vehicles (SUVs) among car owners is rapidly increasing due to their exceptional build quality, performance, and safety features that standard cars do not provide. In recent years SUVs have become the first choice of people who love adventure and off-roading. And tyres are the essential part of SUVs that make them suitable for all terrain and weather conditions. To make your SUV adventure-ready, more than other essential parts, you need to make sure that its tyres are of robust quality. If your SUV is losing traction and you are facing problems in handling in wet and muddy conditions, it is time to replace your tyre with a branded one.

If you too are an SUV owner, we have listed the 5 best SUV tyres offered by Maxxis, Australia’s leading tyre manufacturer, that will make your adventure even more adventurous and memorable. 

5 Best SUV Tyres 

Here are the 5 best all Terrain 4WD & SUV tyres that will make your driving experience ever-lasting.

Bravo AT771

Known for delivering outstanding results off the road, Maxxis Bravo AT771 is the premium M&S all-season tyre providing robust stability, handling, and traction with low noise generation. The 3D tread blocks coupled with jointless spiral-wound cap ply ensure additional tread stiffness to prolong the tyre life and enhance the performance and reduce wet braking distance.  


The advanced version of RAZR MT77, Maxxis RAZR AT811 is one of the best off-road and all-terrain SUV tyres. Build with blade-shaped tread and saw edge shoulder the AT811 outcompetes all its competitors in terms of off-road traction and water evacuation speed. Additionally, the sidewalls of the tyres are protected by ‘side biter’ lugs from cuts and punctures, as dual-layer high-tension cap ply uplifts the on and off-the-road cornering ability.


Build with advanced technological know-how,  the Maxxis RAZR MT772 comes with deeply staggered shoulder blocks, a two-step tread block design, and stone and mud ejectors that improve mud traction and minimize rock retention with a self-cleaning feature. The innovative armour sidewall design also enhances the sidewall traction and improves the puncture resistance of your SUV tyres.


For adventure enthusiasts, Maxxis has launched the Trepador M8060 range (with both radial and bias ply sizes available) for the most extreme off-road expeditions. Its ultra-aggressive tread pattern and sidewall design provide excellent traction in harsh off-road conditions for your SUVs. Build with high-quality compounds, M8060 radial design improves puncture resistance and stability, whereas the multi-curve siping with nylon belt reinforcement offers additional traction on difficult terrains. 


The SUV owners who spend most of their time on-road and occasionally venture out for off-road adventures, Maxxis AT700 would be the best tyre replacement at an affordable price. AT700 is built to deliver the best results in the harsh climate of Australia be it sand, rock, or mud. The 4×4 all-terrain tyre comes with four U-shaped circumferential tread grooves which revamp the hydroplaning resistance and reduce rock retention. 

Final Words

Since an SUV’s performance is largely dependent on its tyres, a well-thought decision will make your vehicle ready to venture into the most difficult terrains and weather conditions. And Mexxis is always here to upgrade your experience by optimizing your handling, comfort, performance, and grip in all topographical and geographical conditions. Visit the nearest outlet to explore the best match for your SUV and make your advantage more exciting.

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