4 Reasons Why You Should Send Handwritten Cards

Handwritten notes always give an individual touch regardless of the circumstance. If you write a note, it demonstrates the sincerity behind it and the genuine feelings that goes with it. 

Even in a professional setting, sending a handwritten note to a customer or employee can be a sign of your appreciation. The same applies to donors.

In fact, per my experience over the years working as a fundraiser and a donor at the same time, I feel extremely honoured whenever I receive handwritten cards from the nonprofit I support. I always feel that personal touch, keeps my spiring high and makes me to continue donating. Written notes might seem old-fashioned but nowadays you can even use Handwrytten to create and send handwritten card online.

It doesn’t really matter if the note is professional or personal. It is very important to let people know that you are genuinely interested in them. Therefore, coming up with a handwritten letter of appreciation to someone is a great gesture.

4 Reasons Why You Should Send Handwritten Cards

  • Best way to show gratitude

Sending a handwritten card is one of the best ways of showing gratitude to your cherished clients, donors and loved ones. A handwritten thank-you note will go a long way. It shows sincere gratitude since it shows you took the time to create the words you would like to share with your friends.

  • It creates a personal connection

Another reason why you should use handwritten cards is as a result of the personal touch it creates. Donors for instance feel more excited when they receive a thank you note from their beneficiary. It doesn’t need to be a long letter to have an impressive impression. It’s just a couple of handwritten paragraphs to show what you feel.

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  • It’s not a common practice thing

A handwritten thank-you note is extremely uncommon. This is something that individuals don’t frequently use. It is possible to be the one who revives an old tradition. It could become an annual family tradition in which children are taught how to write thank-you notes, and the tradition is passed through generations.

  • It helps is building strong connections with clients and donors.

With Handritten cards, you will be able to establish a very good relationship with your customers, clients and loved ones. They will feel the value and love you have for them and will keep returning.

  • It’s a lot easier than you think

Writing cards that are well-written can be one of the most affordable and most valuable presents you can present. Within a couple of minutes, Handwrytten will give you the ability to inspire someone you love, a donor, motivate your friend, or spark the flame of a romantic relationship. The most difficult part is starting and so let’s keep it as easy as possible. 

I use Handwrytten very offen and I think you should also give it a try. Below are a few reasons why HandWrytten is the best tool For Sending Handwritten Cards Online

Personalised beautiful designs

Handwrytten provides the most innovative and customized range of cards. Therefore, pick a card that best suits your needs or event. There are a variety of designs to pick from in order to make it possible to write notes on a large scale.

You can order any quantity

Do you not have a large budget? No worries! It is possible to send handwritten notes in bulk by using one card. There’s no minimum order limit , so you can be able to afford sending cards even if they’re just one.

Delivery is super quick

The handwritten letters you send out can significantly impact the recipients of your cards, so you need them delivered as quickly as you can. Handwrytten promises speedier delivery and guarantees that cards are delivered to the recipient prior to the date you expect.

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