4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Start Making Corporate Videos for Their Brand

Video is the preferred way for consumers to patronize a brand. In Singapore, the television advertising market was estimated to be around $500 million US dollars from 2012 to 2018. There are more or less 30 companies that offer corporate video production services in Singapore. These companies bring life to dull advertising slogans.

Video commercials play a big role in helping Singaporean consumers decide what they want. Videos are the most straightforward way to send a message to consumers in a way that would impact them.

With more than 400,000 registered businesses across Singapore, it would be difficult for an average consumer to choose which one to rely on with their products and services. Thus, a business that showcases a good-quality video commercial and content gains the upper hand.

For businesses in Singapore that are planning to invest in producing video content for their brand, here are some of the reasons to start making one now. By visiting this site you can know about the most important things video production companies.

1. Videos Rank Higher on YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. People search among millions of videos every day on YouTube to help them with their buying decisions.

Most of the time, people search on Google for facts and information, but whenever they want to learn or watch something educational, they always go to YouTube. Thus, businesses must invest incorporate videos to attract more customers.

2. Search Engines Prioritize Videos

Since most videos are informative, search engines such as Google reward them by appearing on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) first three pages. Every search engines’ analytics and Artificial Intelligence often provide the user with the best results in their search queries, and videos are the usual content it values the most.

In Singapore, where the internet speed averages 240 megabits per second (MBPS), it is highly common for locals to browse the internet for more information about a product and a service rather than read newspapers or brochures.

3. Social Media Values Videos

Videos often become the conveyor of valuable information in just a short period, which the viewers easily absorb. It means that social media loves videos because it is responsible for more than 64% of its daily engagements among users and pages.

Also, around 70% of consumers make their buying decisions by watching branded commercial videos on social media. Videos are 12 times shared compared to images and text combined.

4. Videos are Easily Reused

One of the best things about corporate videos is it lasts longer than other advertising mediums. Even if the business’ brand campaign has already ended, the corporate video used to promote it will stay online.

Videos can be reused by splitting them into parts, which can be used in other advertising campaigns and posted on social media. It is part of the offered corporate video production services in Singapore.

Brands that utilize video appear more professional and reputable compared to those who do not use them. It is highly influential, especially when it is published to the right audience. It tends to bring the best audience to a brand or business while building trust and improving revenue.

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