4 Benefits of Integrated Marketing Worth Reading Right Now!

Integrated marketing has become bigger nowadays. Promoting your business through this tactic means you will have to spread the words on various channels. And that can only be good for your business, right?

However, we still have other benefits of integrated marketing that we will explore further now.

What is integrated marketing, and why it matters?

Integrated marketing is a marketing tactic that prioritises your branding and marketing effort in a consistent and seamless manner for your audience, which later will be spread on more than one channel. A successful campaign will deliver a pleasant brand experience.

The core of integrated marketing is in:

  • Consistency
  • Seamless customer’s experience
  • Multichannel

And what does that mean in your customer’s daily?

That means they expect the funny advertisement they read on their commute has direct access, such as a QR code, to what you offer. Then, if they need more information online about your campaign, they can easily find it online either through your website, socials, or other channels.

And once you provide those seamless and multichannel experiences, they also expect your campaign to be consistent. Hence, if you use a playful tone for the copywriting of your running campaign, they also hope to see more playful copywriting from you.

Taken from the words of Singapore’s integrated marketing agency, the tactic matters because your business gives a pleasant and attractive brand experience while connecting with them at the same time.

Four benefits of integrated marketing for your business

Running integrated marketing for your business can boost your business in front of your audience. To be exact, these are the four benefits that make them great for your brand.

Deliver your message to a bigger audience

You will reach a wider audience with integrated marketing.

How is that possible?

Simple, it is because you will promote your business on more than one channel. You have to talk about it on your website, socials, collaborate with content creators, and some brands even go the extra mile by also incorporating traditional marketing channels, such as printed media and large-scale printed advertisement.

Worry not; do not be put off by the cost of traditional marketing.

You have the freedom only to utilise the digital landscape to perform integrated marketing if you do not want to allocate a marketing budget for traditional marketing.

Singapore’s digital marketing firm has the best example that you can try to replicate:

  • Plan and hold a special social media contest or promotion
  • Modify the landing page of your website to be consistent with the contest
  • Link the contest from social media to the website
  • Optimise the SEO for the landing page
  • Reach and collaborate with content creators or online publications to spread the word about the contest
  • Create marketing videos for your socials

Remember, the marketing collaterals must be consistent across the board.

Generate more conversions

Spreading your audience to a bigger audience will bring more leads. Then, if you successfully implement the best practice of integrated marketing, there is a bigger chance your audience will love the consistent and wonderful experience from your brand. In turn, you will bring them closer to conversions which every business love!

Build better brand awareness and trust

Consistency is key in integrated marketing. Seeing a consistent message and visuals from your business is an effective way to boost your brand awareness. The consistency across the board will also be a signal that your brand is trustworthy.

Still, integrated marketing should not be mistaken for boring marketing. You can still use more than one colour palette or use different pictures for your media. All you have to prioritise is giving a consistent look and feel for a campaign.

More results and growth

If you implement integrated marketing successfully, you will bring more results and growth to your business. You can get new customers to try your products. Then, based on Singapore’s branding strategy firm, the tactic will also boost your brand recognition. For existing customers, experiencing an enjoyable advertising campaign will make them more loyal to your brand.

To sum it all up, integrated marketing is here to stay and to grow bigger. That is why your business should start coming up with one.

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