3 Ways To Apply Liquid Foundation On Your Skin

Most of us love to apply makeup and spend a considerable amount of money to buy various products. Out of these, most of the time, we invest a lot in the foundation. People can find a variety of foundations, but we often buy them in liquid form. Dealvoucherz will provide you with some of the best coupons and discounts to buy the foundation of your favourite brand. People often have a tough time dealing with liquid foundations. But with the correct guidance, you can ace the application.

1. Applying the liquid foundation with a sponge

Some of the best foundations come in liquid form and can cost a lot of money. By using Indiancoupons, you can get amazing deals and discounts on your favourite brand. When we talk about foundation, the best applicator to use is a sponger beauty blender. The beauty blender is specially designed to provide an airbrush finish to the user. You need first to keep the sponge in the water to get it plump and saturated. Then with the help of dabbing motion, you need to apply the foundation all over your face and neck area. It is important to apply the foundation on your neck to match your face tone.

2. Applying the liquid foundation with your finger

By using the cosmetic capital discount code, you can avail some of the best foundations available in the market at a low price. Most of the time, we do not have the time to apply our liquid foundation with the help of other applicators. In such cases, we tend to use our fingers. When we use our fingers to apply the product, we warm up the foundation, which gives us a more natural finish. It is important to keep in mind that your hands are perfectly clean before you apply the liquid foundation. Make sure you wipe or clean your hands between each makeup step. This way you can ward off any colour transfer and get rid of any germs or bacteria present in your fingers. Make sure first to dip your fingers and apply the product on your T zone, and then start to blend it out.

3. Applying the liquid foundation with a brush

Do you want to buy a brush to apply the liquid foundation? Then use the cosmetic capital coupon to get great discounts on makeup brushes. If you plan to apply the liquid foundation with the help of a brush, then make sure to opt for the one that comes with a synthetic bristle. Those who opt for a natural bristle often make a mistake as it can absorb a lot of the product. With the help of a synthetic bristle, the product will stay on your skin, and you can glide it easier to blend. Make sure to choose a thin bristle as thick bristles can leave streaks. Many makeup artists suggest using a fluffy brush such as the blush brush. When you apply the liquid foundation using such a dense synthetic bristle, you will get an airbrushed finish.


Most of the time, we make the mistake of using foundation directly on our skin. It is important to start by applying a coat of primer to help cover the pores. Another important aspect you should keep in mind is not to apply the foundation on your skin like a moisturizer. Hence make sure to apply the foundation to the part of the skin where it is needed and make it look like natural skin. After applying the liquid foundation, make sure to set it in place using powder. This way, the foundation will stay on your face for a longer period of time.

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