3 Ways That SEO Will Change in 2021

As businesses look to up their game in the online space, search engine optimisation has grown extensively over the last twelve months. Brought on notably by the global pandemic of 2020, businesses looking to improve their online strategies and attract larger audiences have resulted in significant growth for the SEO industry. This also compliments the increased behaviours of consumers using online search engines to find goods and services over traditional methods and channels

For the more experienced individuals in the SEO industry this growth has been a long time coming. Safari SEO Melbourne, a leading SEO company comment that SEO has been right there to powerfully grow the online presence of small to medium businesses for the last few years but has been extremely underutilised. Whilst this has occurred Google advertising costs have soared, almost tripling. The predictions of businesses to utilise organic marketing did not grow as expected. 

So as SEO is on the rise, here is a list of four key ways the SEO will develop over the course of 2021.

.User Experience Will Be More Crucial Than Ever

User experience is about the promote itself to the forefront of SEO in 2021. For those in the industry this has come as no surprise as the google page experience update will result in significant changes as to how users interact with and find sites in 2021. By visiting this site you can know free serp checker.

  • Content Will Matter More Than Ever

Along with UX, content will become more important than ever with users turning to organic search to answer their online queries. At already 2,000+ words, the average length of a top-ranking page isn’t expected to get any shorter in the near future.

  • Site Speed Will Be More Important

Smart, Fast and streamlined websites will be key. As of 2021, a bounce rate of 96% has been observed by website that take longer than 6 seconds to load (on all devices). SEO professionals will be working to optimise fast user-friendly sites. 


With user experience, content and load speeds being more important than ever.  Sites that optimise their user experience are expected to shoot up the SERP’s and outrank websites using outdated SEO methods and tactics.

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