3 Reasons Offices Need to Adapt to COVID-19 to Better Suit Employees

The way that we look at the workplace and traditional working environments has changed forever. There is no getting around it, workers have a new-found appreciation of flexible working environments and work from home setups that cater to a stronger work-life balance. So, in 2021, we expect to see offices change the way that they operate in order to accommodate greater flexibility. 

NPS Townsville Office Furniture is one of many businesses that are observing a shift to the traditional workplace setup with employees rethinking what a traditional office space should look like. Here are three important reasons that employees need to recognise the personal change that has been brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and what they can do to promote a more positive working environment.

  • Create Comfortable Spaces

In a year that was defined by sweatpants, zoom calls, and late nights working from the couch, there is a renewed emphasis on creating work place environments that are comfortable and productive for the individual Not everyone is going to be productive when tied to a desk all day – and employees need to recognise that the individual response to surrounding stimulus will have a big impact on the output.

  • Focus on Output

Following on from the last point, we expect to see 2021 defined by a focus on the output of workers – not the amount of time that they spend in the office or in their workplace. 2020 highlighted the need to look at individual KPIs and, rather than looking at the time that they are spending on the clock, look at the amount of work that they are completing in that time. We expect to see this trend continue to evolve in 2021 with employees being rewarded for high output. 

  • Flexible Hours

“Come and go as you please – but just make sure the work gets done.” This is a sentiment that was shared by one of the big four accounting firms in 2021 and one that we will see evolve in 2021. Yes, employees will still be required to front up to an office, however, there will be more emphasis on getting work done – not the time in the office.

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