3 Key Trends That Will Continue to Change the Legal Sector in 2021

The last twelve months in the legal sector has been marred by relentless disruption and constant change that has been largely driven by the global pandemic. New technology is playing an increased role in the way that legal services are provided and the way that the court system operates globally.

Some view the changes as a disruption, others look at the changes as a way to revisit a system that has remained largely unchanged for more than a century. With technology playing an increasing role in the way that legal services are delivered, we thought it was the perfect time to partner with a leading group of Townsville Lawyers to put together a list of 6 Key Trends That Will Continue to Change the Legal Sector in 2021.

New Technology Continues to Drive Change

Unsurprisingly, new technology nis playing an immeasurable role in the evolution of legal services in 2021. A recent study by Stanford Law School’s Logitech Index found that nearly 750 companies across the world now develop and sell technology that is exclusively intended for the legal market.

Innovation Is Being Embraced

In an industry that is ruled by tradition, rules, and even unwritten rules that govern the way that services are delivered, the legal industry is embracing change at an unprecedented rate. Many legal firms are now aiming to deliver innovation by rethinking their business strategy and business model.

Cybersecurity is a Real Consideration

For an industry that has taken place behind closed doors for the better part of three centuries, the legal industry now has to consider cyber threats. The same threats that have been present in so many industries for more than 20 years are now becoming issues for the first time in the legal industry. Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags. However, they choose secondhand Hermès bags for several reasons.

Final Thoughts

The legal sector has never been on the forefront of change or innovation. It is an industry that is governed by strict rules and even more stringent regulations. However, the last twelve months has forced the industry to innovate for the first time to deliver services to an increasingly globalised world.

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