3/4 Football Handicap – Effective Handicap Tips From Experts

What is the 3/4 football bet?  This is one of the questions asked by many players. Today’s article will give you the answer. In addition, we will also give players tips to get the best results.

An overview of football betting

Before getting into the details of the tips that can be applied when participating in the 0.75 bet, let’s learn the concept of the bet.

 What is the 3/4 football bet? 

In a football match, there will be many bets offered. Among them, 3/4 is one of the bets chosen by many players. This bet is also known as 0.75 or 0.5/1.

Join the game What is the 3/4 football bet?  Only applicable to 1st half bets or full match bets.

The meaning of the 0.75 bet is that the strong team will accept the weak team 0.75 left so that the match will be more even between the two teams.

So in a match, the strong team will need to have a maximum goal difference of 2 goals to be able to defeat the weaker team.

Usually people will use this bet when two teams play with a big difference in level and skill.

3/4 will be different from 1 3/4 or 2 3/4, so you need to pay special attention otherwise you will be confused when you follow the odds table from the house.

General information about What is the 3/4 football bet? 

How to express 3/4 football bet?

In the odds tables of the 789BET bookie, you will very rarely see the number 3/4 but instead will see more than 0.75 or 0.5/1. Explain this because 3/4 = 0.75 and 0.5/1 because 0.75 is between these two values.

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Common outcomes in a 3/4 . handicap

For example, in a game, there are two teams A and B participating. With (team A) handicap bet on underdog (team B) 0.75 left because this team is considered to have better playing capacity. Then there will be 4 possible cases.

Case No. 1

After the match ended, team A scored 2 goals and team B scored no goals. So in the end, team A will win, the player who chooses team A will be the winner and receive the entire bet amount from the house.

Case No. 2

After the match ended, team A scored 2 goals and team B scored 1 goal. The difference between the two teams is now 1 point. Bettors on team A will only get half of their winnings and those who choose underdog lose 0.5 of their original bet.

Possible outcomes when participating in 3/4

Case number 3

Two teams have a draw result after playing time eg 0-0, 1-1, 3-3,… then the top team will lose to the bottom team. The player who chooses the winning team from the bottom will receive the full amount of the bonus when participating in the game What is the 3/4 football bet? .

Case number 4

The final result is that team A loses to team B, with any score, the player who chooses door A to win will lose all of the original bet. The player who chooses for Team B to win will receive a bonus.


What are the tips for betting on football 3/4?

Below we will summarize for players the tips to participate in the bet to get the best results. These tips can help you maximize your time and money.

Look closely at the odds table from the house

For 3/4 bets, it will usually be used in big seasons, where there are strong teams competing. Players who want to choose this bet will need to regularly update the house’s odds. Usually there will not be too much change when the time to the official match is about 3 days and 30 minutes before the match. You should focus on monitoring in the period before the match or when the match has just started.

In the first minutes of the matchfight, if you find that the top team according to the house’s odds table is playing very well, you can choose them as the winning team.

Tips What is the 3/4 football bet?  from a professional player

Find out all the information about the two teams playing

Before playing, you need to find out information about the team such as: lineup, achievements, form, injured players of the two teams. It is also necessary to find the confrontation history of these two teams. These search results will help you analyze and calculate the best, thereby making the right decision when betting.

References from many sources of opinions

Players in addition to following the scoreboard What is the 3/4 football bet? From the house, you can also use other professional betting tools. Or follow the comments of football experts to get a better overview. From there can help you make the correct decision when placing bets.

Hopefully the information provided by the house 789BET has helped players understand What is the 3/4 football bet? . We also hope through this article can help you participate in the bet to achieve better results.

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