15 things to remember when hiring quality writers

With the advancement in science and technology, e-businesses are getting popular day by day. And we all know, e-businesses cannot run properly without appealing content. Now the question is who makes such eye-catching content? If you are a content marketer and struggling with content that targets the audience perfectly, you should hire a professional writer. Whether you are looking for a content editor, writer, marketer, or social media manager, quality writers should be on your list. Here, in this article, you will get to know about 15 things that you should remember when hiring a quality writer. 

Why is it important to hire a professional writer?

If you are running an e-business and you want huge traffic on your page, then you should hire a professional team of writers. Many times people make wrong choices and often hand their work to the wrong people. Handing work to the wrong people often becomes a reason for your business’s destruction. So you should make wise decisions while hiring new writers. 

A skillful writer will help you and promote your business. Similarly, a person with low skills will drag your company’s reputation down. So to avoid such circumstances you should always make your find first and look at some necessary skills in a person. 

15 things keep in mind while hiring a quality writer:

Here is the list of 15 things that you should remember while hiring quality writers. 

  1. Evaluate the skill level properly
  2.  Experience
  3. Is a person enthusiastic about his/her work or not?
  4. How much knowledge s/he has in a particular niche?
  5. Fluency in SEO
  6. Different perspectives of one topic
  7. Meeting deadlines on-time
  8. Availability criteria
  9. How many words can write per day?
  10. Capability to learn new things
  11. Revision policy
  12. Portfolio
  13. Referrals
  14. Ask a brief introduction
  15. Pay package

Evaluate the skill level properly

As you are hiring a person for your company so it is very important to find a skilled, full person. Now the next thing is how you can measure their skills? Is there any scale that helps in measuring their intelligence? You can measure their skills by their past sample work. Make sure to check a sample that is relevant to your field. While checking their sample a few things you should keep in mind like their grammar, spelling, fluency in the language, etc. You must check whether the content has readability or not. While interviewing, you can also ask them to write a sample on a specific topic. This will also help in analyzing their skill level.   


Ask them to show you past experiences. While checking and analyzing their past work, do not forget their niche. Sometimes people work on a specific niche, so they are not good at working on other criteria. To avoid such a situation you must specify the job description perfectly. 

Check their enthusiasm

While hiring a person you should check a person’s enthusiasm. Enthusiastic people get very excited when they are asked to work on a particular project. Their inner enthusiasm works like a driving force and drags them to explore more ideas. When they work according to their enthusiasm, they make everything unique and creative. And we all know uniqueness and creativity are the demand of every company. 

Knowledge in a particular niche

If you are looking for a social media manager, so while hiring a person check their knowledge in your particular niche. Ask them to provide you relevant sample work. If they show you relevant sample work, then check their knowledge. On the other hand, if they failed to provide you with relevant sample work, you can assign them a specific task and then check their work’s relativity.  

Fluency in SEO

Search engine optimization helps in easily searching content on Google pages and other key search engines. Search engine optimization is considered a cornerstone in content marketing. You can ask your writer whether they are familiar with SEO or not. Ask them to work with certain keywords more naturally. 

If your writer is claiming that he has already SEO knowledge, ask them to provide you previous sample work. 

Different perspectives of one topic

A good writer must know how to use the words in their sentences. A writer must be versatile in his/her tone. They should know how to write one topic with different perspectives. Sometimes they get a challenging task to write different content on the same topic, so in this situation, they should know how to cover it perfectly.  

Meeting deadlines on-time

While hiring writers, do not forget this point. Always ask your writers, are they willing to meet the deadlines on-time. Because many times companies hand a bulk of work to different writers, so make sure they will give you work on-time. 

Availability criteria

You can ask your writer, is he/she willing to work in your company or they will work from home. Many girls do not like the office environment, so they like to work from home. While making a decision do not forget this key point. Keep their availability criteria in mind. 

Word count

 Ask them how many words they can write per day? This way you will not overburden them. Therefore, by keeping their word count in mind, hand them work with their capacity. 

Capability to learn new things

This is one of the most important traits which you should look at in your writer which is their capability to acquire new things. People who are keen to learn new things are good at producing quality content. 

Revision policy

Ask them how many revisions they can easily do on your demand. Many times people do not get the desired work so your writer should have a revision policy. This is the plus point of any writer that they are admitting their mistakes and willing to rewrite. 


Ask their portfolio, this will consist of their academic qualification and their previous work. Critically analyze it and make a wise decision. 


If you have time, you can also check their client’s remarks and reviews on their work. If they claimed to be professional then they must have referrals of their work. This point gives a deep understanding of their work quality. If you consider this point, you will get ease in deciding whether they will work well for you or not. 

Ask a brief introduction

As their CV is already giving you a brief introduction about them, but you can verbally ask them to give you a brief introduction. This introduction will help you with a brief introduction about their academic qualification and their past work. You can also ask relevant questions if you want more information about them. 

Pay package

This is the last step which is very crucial. While hiring a writer, you must keep your budget in mind. You must know how much you can easily pay them. You can offer the pay package which you will easily pay them. If you find the writer is getting out of your budget you can neglect them and look for the one who comes within your range.

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