10 awesome virtual coffee break conversation ideas

A virtual coffee break is a set amount of time set aside for minimal tasks such as chatting and brainstorming. You can use virtual coffee breaks to break up the rhythm of a virtual meeting or conference in a way that restores momentum and encourages participation. These events, also known as virtual coffee chats or virtual coffee meetings, typically last 15 to 30 minutes. We are temporarily staying away from our offices just like the majority of you, and our other employees are operating from home too. But we slowed down as a result of the transition to remote work, but we have faced new challenges, such as how to keep creativity and teamwork at the forefront of everything we do.

Here’s to the introduction of local, regional, and global team “virtual coffee breaks” in an attempt to keep team spirits up, promote brainstorming, and alleviate stress, and the results have been awesome. These 15- to 30-minute video calls are only for fun, but we’re pretty sure that this is a benefit to your company/business. These sessions are so fun that you’ll keep doing them long after we’re all back in our respective offices.

This is already getting exciting. Check our the list below to see 10 awesome virtual coffee break conversation ideas-

1) Tea vs Coffee (debate)- There is a separate fanbase of tea lovers and a separate fanbase of coffee lovers. Which one do you love the most? People on both sides love to discuss which one is better. You can have amazing healthy discussion on this topic with your team members with an objective to encourage positive interaction and build good relationships remotely through team meetings. Both coffee and tea lovers will come up with interesting reasons why they love tea/coffee this much and it makes them feel fresh after every consumption.

2)  What’s one thing you’re thankful for? – you can discuss this very important question with your teammates. Every person has their own thoughts or a moment that they are thankful for. You can discuss all these positive things with them and make them feel all happy to encourage a positive environment remotely.

3)  What weird habits have you picked up from being in quarantine?- Another very friendly topic to discuss is the weird habits that almost everyone has picked up from being in this Quarantine for 1 year. Through this informal way of communication with your teammates you will be able to get to know about your teammates and know what are the things that they love and what are their personality traits.

4)  What did you want to be as you grew up when you were a kid? As a child everyone had that dream of becoming something in future. But now when everyone has grown up you can take them to nostalgia by asking them this very beautiful question and building a healthy conversation.

5)  What’s the most interesting project you’re working on right now? The discussion about this topic will not only build your relationship but also increase your knowledge skill. In this way you will be able to discuss your project ideas and its uses.

6)  Share one thing you admire about your coworkers? This is our personal favourite topic of discussion in virtual coffee breaks because it brings out the positivity and friendships.

7)  What’s the first thing you want to do after we release from social distancing? Everyone in this pandemic is dreaming about things they want to do after we are finally released from social distancing. Discussing this topic can be really interesting and interactive. People can really come up with funny ideas.

8)  Do you believe in alien life? well, do you? Believe it or not but discussing this topic is really interesting and fun. People can come up with their philosophy of believing in the existence of aliens. The concepts can be fun and virtual coffee breaks can become interesting.

9)  What is the best thing that has happened to you this week? People can really come up with their experiences in that particular week and in this way the environment can become much more stress free and healthy. Healthy discussions about the best things experienced by teammates is a great initiative to build up positivity in coffee breaks.

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10) Ask trivia questions- last but not the least is a very fun way of building conversation is by asking trivia questions with your teammates. In this way you will be able to test each other’s knowledge and IQ. The discussion can be really happening if you do it seriously on your virtual coffee breaks.

One-on-one virtual coffee meetings are possible, but we also suggest considering community sessions. Get the team together! You will come up with some fun and innovative discussion ideas by extending your perspective on virtual coffee sessions.

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