Why You Should Buy EVPAD Tv Box?

Evpad TV box is the World’s 1st Voice-activated Al TV Box, it allows you to control your Al Television Box with just one word!   This product will bring you a wonderful world and make your life easier. Inexpensive voice-activated TV boxes from Evpad are a great new way to watch your favorite shows and movies. This small box is incredibly powerful, and allows you to stream entertainment!

The TV box has a powerful 8-core processor designed for it, and it also has 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM large storage. With RF wireless remote control, EVAI assistant. It’s not a good idea to spend money on an appliance without knowing what you’re getting. The EVAI assistant is voice-controlled through a built-in microphone to help you navigate your TV box.

The massive matching of genuine applications and technology with the power of eight cores provides high-definition content and a smooth experience. With its massive storage capacity, the Evpad 6S provides a smooth and stable experience for its users.

Global hit TV series, blockbuster, everything you need, at the same time. With all the episodes available right at your fingertips, you’ll be able to experience the drama unfold without any delays. If you want to get a good variety of imports, plus watch movies and TV shows as they air, before anyone else, this device is for you.

If you want to watch unlimited video-on-demand, the Evpad tv box is the right choice. There are thousands of different movies, dramas, animations, and variety shows on the internet. You can stream them to any device that has a screen. There’s an extensive library of content you can watch whenever you want.

EVPAD Android TV box

Some expensive and powerful Android Tv Boxes are known to have problems with power and internal hardware. This TV box comes with built-in WiFi and can stream 4K content flawlessly. It also has Dolby and DTS support for superior audio quality. This TV box offers 6K resolution, HDR technology, and Dolby&DTS audio. This product also supports dual-channel WiFi at 5.8G and 2.4G.

By installing the Evpad TV Boxes, you can bring more family entertainment. If you want to bring more fun and laughter into your home, Evpad TV Box is here to help. The remote control will be more practical to you when the people that you love are in the same room as you. Family members are usually too busy or too far away to meet each other often, but they can always have a quick chat or watch a short video together.

TimeShift makes pausing and rewinding live TV possible, while 90 playback ensures you can watch anything that was previously broadcasted in 90 minutes, without missing content. The number of channels is increasing all the time. The development team works 24/7 to keep adding more channels.

Mainstream channels including China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S.A., Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Australia. It’s Evpad TV box goal to cover all major mainstream channels in their native language.

Watching free live sports channels online is an easy way to keep up with basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. Watch NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UEFA, and other sports with the Evpad TV box. After the initial payment, this app is free for you.

Benefits of Buying EVPAD TV Box

Mainstream Channels

Because of its global reach, Evpad 6S & 6P covers almost all channels in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

Hit Series

The new Evpad TV box is a well-equipped entertainment system. It supports the hottest blockbuster releases and most popular programs in the world. In addition, you can watch unlimited videos on demand, as well as thousands of other titles.

Stable and Smooth Stream

The Evpad is based on an octa-core processor which is helpful for smooth and stable streaming. Evpad comes with a special technology called “8 CPUs” that allows content to stream smoothly and stably. So you can switch between apps quickly and stream content without interruption.

Family Bonding

Evpad 6s & 6p TV boxes are an excellent way to enhance your social life. The whole family will watching TV together that encourages family bonding and love between family members. Therefore, you and your family or friends can have something in common to watch and bond together.

HD Picture and Sounds

If you want a good home theater experience, check out the Evpad TV box. It has a 6k resolution with digital theater system, Dolby audio, high dynamic range technology and dual-channel 2.5G or 8.5 connectivity. And The quality of the picture and sound with the EVPAD Pro TV box will provide you with a Cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Huge Storage and Memory

An Evpad TV box has a large memory, which helps to install many applications. Furthermore, it helps to run TV box smoothly, and effectively. An Evpad TV box has 4 G RAM and 128 ROM.

Global Free Shipping

The Evpad Australia offering 100% free shipping for every product with fast delivery. Deliveries arrive at the destination within 2-10 days. Free delivery to anywhere in the world Order today.

Low-Cost One-Time Payment

The best advantage of buying an Evpad TV box is that you only have one initial payment. After that one payment, you start enjoying free services for a lifetime. The lifetime of your Evpad TV box is not limited, which means that you can enjoy it for a very long time. There is no recurring subscription fee for the service. After one initial payment, you can enjoy free services for a lifetime.

HD Streaming

Evpad supports you enjoy free sports, European football, and more. All these are for free. You can watch NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB free live HD programs. The adult channels that you can watch include 18 years of age and above adult programs.


The Evpad TV boxes are among the first in its category to utilize voice activation.


Evpad TV boxes let you watch as much TV as you want. You can even simultaneously record up to 90 programs and watch up to 70 programs that you’ve recorded before. Furthermore, new channels are added all the time.


The Evpad brand is improved with the latest technology, such as voice control. The Evpad autralia brand advances its TV boxes with the most modern technology. This innovation has made it one of the most sort out smart TV boxes worldwide.

There are many good reasons to buy an Evpad TV box.  One of the best reasons is that it’s a one-time cost and there are no recurring charges. This TV box is not expensive, and there are no extra costs. The only thing you’ll be dealing with is the price tag of the keyboard itself.

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