What is Mobile Tracker App: A Beginners Guide

If I ask you to tell me about one person in your social circle who does not use a smartphone, can you give me a name?. Smartphone is now considered one of the necessities of life. We are living in the age of digital gadgets and smart operations.  From smart homes to smart vehicles everything is under the spell of clicks. These smart gadgets have made the life of humans more dependent and luxurious. But despite all the luxuries and accessories, excessive use of anything is fatal and lethal. So here comes the advanced and modern versions of digital monitoring in the form of monitoring software. For example, a teenager who has access to the smartphone and internet must be monitored carefully. Because he has access to every kind of information in every possible media format.

So if you are worried sick about your teenager’s digital safety or want to protect the elder or senior citizen of the house a mobile tracker like the TheOneSpy spy app is for you. 

Call Recording:

Keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing call records of the target person with the call recording feature of the cell phone tracker. This feature record any new entry or deletion from the call logbook as well. So keep an eye on the call record and listen to any suspicious call of the target person. Make sure your kid is not busy with long late-night calls and having sleeping issues with the help of TheOneSpy. 

Text Message Recording:

The app offers  SMS tracking feature that allows the user to know about every text message record of the target device. Even the target tries to get rid of the text record from the device, TheOneSpy can save the record for the user. To track the text content of your employees or teenagers and know about the inside matters with ease.

GPS tracking:

Check the exact location of the target person with the location tracking feature. It records the pinpoint location of the target person in real-time and reports it to the user. So know about any secret hideouts or your teenager or check on any suspicious meeting of the employees with the location tracking feature of mobile tracker. Users can even mark a virtual safe and restricted zone on google map as well. Also mobile tracker is helpful for tracking anyone.

Browsing History:

The Internet can be considered a huge distraction. As the wild world of the web has all kinds of information which can be considered dangerous for teenagers. So keep an eye on the browsing history of the target person especially with the internet tracking feature of TheOneSpy. So makes sure you know about the search bar usage of your teen and assure their online safety. This feature can also help employers to track an employee who wastes time on useless browsing during the working hours.

Bookmarked folder:

It allows the user to have access to the frequently visited sites as well. So check the bookmarked folder and makes sure your teenager is not into any kind of adult content.

Have Access to The Photo Folder:

Keep an eye on the photo folder of the target person with the android spy app. It gives remote access to the captured, shared, or downloaded image or video file of the target person to the user. So make sure your kid’s mobile phone does not have any kind of adult content in any form. 


The keylogging feature of TheOneSpy records all the keystrokes applied on the target device. Thus users have remote access to all the account information and their passwords of the respective gadget. So keep an eye on the email correspondence and other social media information with the keylogging feature of TheOneSpy.It gives remote access to the inbox, sent items, and attachment details as well. 

A mobile tracker can keep you in the loop of the target person’s device by giving you complete remote access to the target device. You need to physically access the target device just at the time of installation. Thus there is no need to physically access the target device every time. 


These hidden spy apps for android help us to monitor the excessive use of these smart devices.Or  in other cases, if you are in need to monitor employee and child activities you can take help from the monitoring software.

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