Wedding Gift Etiquette: Consider The Don’ts

Giving a suitable present to a happy couple should be a simple affair, but the etiquette around this practice may be surprisingly complicated. After the initial thrill of receiving an invitation has worn off, it’s difficult not to start worrying about a million minor details; here are some wedding gift don’ts.

Dont send the gift too late.

You should send your wedding present as soon as feasible if at all possible. Even if there is a gift table at the reception, the less the couple has to worry about on their wedding day, the better. If you cannot attend the wedding, send your gift no later than three months following the wedding day. Of course, the adage better late than never still holds. If the couple hasn’t heard from you after three months, they will most likely assume they won’t but send an online gifts for boys before that happens.

Don’t Wait to open

Many couples believe that they must wait until after the wedding to open their wedding gifts. However, if you receive a gift in the mail, you should accept it. This way, you’ll be able to get a head start on drafting thank-you notes before your big day.

Don’t overspend

Don’t be stingy with your money. The amount you gift should be determined by your relationship with the couple, the location of the wedding, and the size of your group.  The price per plate paid by the couple for your attendance at the wedding should not decide the amount you spend.

Don’t buy artwork

Purchase artwork. Stay away until you know who their favourite painter is and what work of art they like. Remember, one man’s gold is another man’s garbage.

Don’t bring a huge present to the wedding.

Don’t bring your wedding gift to the big day, even if it seems like a good idea. Take advantage of the fact that wedding registries now allow you to ship an item to the couple. The bride and groom will have the last thing on their minds when it comes to getting a gift home at the end of the evening.

Don’t purchase anything that is not on the registry

Remember that the couple chose goods they would like to have, so deviating from their wishes may not be a great option. When deciding, always keep the couple in mind, and don’t make it based on what you think they want or what you’d like to offer them instead.

Don’t bring gifts for every occasion.

Worry about obtaining a gift for the wedding and an engagement, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner gift. You can give token gifts online, especially if you’re purchasing something from the couple’s registry.

Don’t gift home decor items.

A couple is planning to construct a house jointly. They’d like the stuff they choose, so it’s time to say no to toasters, bedsheets, casseroles, and dinner sets.

Don’t be a stranger

The wedding has been a long time coming for the pair. So, instead of becoming a wallflower, let your hair down. If you’re asked to join the first dance, don’t be shy about doing so. If you’re single and have been asked to participate in a wedding bouquet throw, get up and have a good time.

Don’t give a gift in a group.

Don’t overestimate the value of a communal present. You can all chip in for a group gift and give them something along the lines of a big-ticket item if the couple is from a group of friends you know or if you’re family members who want to do something special for them. When the bride and groom learn of your kindness, they will be overjoyed.

Don’t mention registry gift on the invitation.

Did you realize that adding your gift registry information on your wedding invitations is a big no-no? Because your wedding invites are frequently your guests’ initial point of contact, mentioning gifts at this early stage may be considered disrespectful. Your wedding invitations should ideally be used to express facts about the wedding day itself, with your gift registry desires stated more discreetly.

Consider the following don’ts of a wedding gift and enjoy gifting with a happy vibe. Happy Gifting!!

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