Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS activations

Virtual number can receive SMS for registration in popular networks and other applications where you need to confirm the phone number. This is very convenient when you need a lot of fake accounts or just to have an additional account in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and others.

Of the disadvantages of a virtual number can be distinguished:

  1. The most important most likely disadvantage in it is naturally that to use without interruption, you need to have a stable Internet connection. At each loss of connection, the call is terminated.
  2. It is also not profitable for large companies to use it. It is easier for them to create their own PBX. Likewise, it will be much more profitable.

What is virtual phone number?

Most likely, you have often greeted such an expression as “Virtual phone number”, but did not know what it is. What the essence of virtual number?

Virtual phone number is the same as a physical phone number, which are commonly used in everyday life. But you didn’t need a SIM card to use virtual number. With virtual phone number you can receive unlimited SMS without phone number.

Website to receive SMS online on virtual numbers to bypass OTP

Bypass a phone number in a hundred milliseconds is hassle-free thanks to the services provided by SMS activate service – SMS-man. Accuracy and speed in service is crucial in in this niche. Indeed, phone number verification needs to be a secure procedure and this is only possible at SMS-man website.

Having a valid phone numbers for SMS in the 356 different countries provide a unique opportunity to use any country in the world to bypass SMS verification. Take advantage of SMS verification service to bypass phone number verification and receive unlimited SMS from popular social media and applications, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Payneer, PayPal, Gmail, Instagram and others.

Every registration process in social networks, messengers, applications and sites requires entering your number. SMS-man website eradicates the problem of additional SIM-cards and phones.

You can right go to and get virtual phone numbers at the minimal prices, which you can use to bypass OTP. Boost the security of your procedures and protect yourself and your business from threats with virtual number.

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